Edgewater Cleaners

Biloxi, Mississippi, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-03
Last change to this page:2005-04

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CentipedeGalagaMs. Pac-ManPole Position

Comments on This Location
2005-12-03DanBy the way, The Alladin's Castle Arcade that was in Edgewater's Mall was on the south side and due to Katrina it is gone (I never had a chance to submit it to the database). Edgewater Mall is open and there is a another new arcade closeby in the mall named Indian Palace. I did not see any classic arcade games in there. I'll miss Alladin's Tetris.
2005-11-29DanThis laundromat survived Katrina along with the classic video games, even though the totally faded Ms Pac-man was off when I went in.
2005-05-29DanWent there Sunday. Even though there is a sign out front that says Edgewater Cleaners, the laundrymat has a sign on the side calling itself the Fun Wash Laundromat. Got pictures (I'll reference them later). The Ms Pac-man has no sound and is strange, with an odd PCB, with sprites that pass through odd shaped walls. It is in an original Ms. Pac-man cabinet. The Ms Pacman is next to an original Galaga with a very faded monitor. The Centipede is an original cabinet that plays good, but it has birds instead of insects (like one that was once in Funspot in New Hampshire). The Pole Position looks and works great. It is next to a Mortal Kombat II cabinet and a Gottlieb Stargate Pinball Machine.
2005-05-29DanOh, and Edgewater Mall has a beautiful Tetris game/cabinet (first real one I ever played) Excellent find in the Alladin's Castle Arcade.

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