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Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA
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Location games last seen on:2001-04
Last change to this page:2001-04

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Arkanoid Asteroids Badlands Capcom Bowling
Centipede Frogger Galaga Galaxian
Gaplus Millipede Ms. Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981
Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 (Pac-Man, Dig Dig, Rally-X) Pac-Mania Tetris

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Comments on This Location
2015-04-09KrisBack in the day this was the place to go, sadly it has been torn down and turned into a crappy manards.
2014-09-08An Old CustomerThe place that I wrote about earlier has been torn down and is currently (as of September 2014) in the midst of building a Menard building there.
2014-05-07An Old CustomerThis is the same place that was in Warren, not Sterling Heights, on Van Dyke near 14 Mile Rd. In its heyday (80s and 90s), I remember as a small kid the variety of games it had, and actually held it as the higher standard for an awesome arcade place. When I decided to check it out in early Fall 2012, just to see how things have changed after being there once in 1997 and then one small time in 2007. Whoa! It looked so shabby, dirty, and poorly maintained; the concrete parking lot was crumbling (you can even see this on Google Maps), the golfing area was overrun with weeds, and I dared to check out the interior of the building. It was still opened, but 2/3 of the games (video games and pinball machines) were all gone and they were all selling the remaining in an "As Is" condition with most being in good-to-fair condition, but clearly taken a beating. The around 20 people who were there (on a weekday afternoon) seemed despondent over the place of whatever nostalgia they could get out of the place, it was a former saddening, dilapidated shell of its place and I walked out of there as quickly as I came in after seeing the place. I understand that times have changed and that arcade games are not as profitable anymore, but the place could have been reinvented similar to Dave and Buster. Oh well, a shame. If any of you do dare to venture there, and if it still exists, the property is being sold off to Menard, brace yourself, even if you have not been there since the late 2000s. The facility should be placed out of its misery because its so bleak and poorly maintained.
2012-04-16Luke PrzekopBy May of 2012, this place will no longer exist. It has been sold.
2009-02-13EricStill open, but most of the machines are very poorly maintained.
2006-05-28MikeIn case anyone cares this place is still open. I'm gonna check it out again soon to see what classic games they still have. I saw Centipede from the driving range, but I'm sure there's more.
2006-01-21Rob PenIs this Place still open? the last time I was there was about 7 years ago
2005-09-07MarkBeen there a lot of times... place is always pretty dirty looking, used to be a great arcade in the 80's... about 16 or 17 pinballs in a row which is nice, but all need some serious cleaning and work!! A lot of deluxe driving games... makes me wonder where owner gets his money to pay for all those??
2002-07-07GruelurksI usually stop out at this place once a week for the pins, they have quite a selection. I was told by a food bar employee that this place was going to close sometime this year, which blows! Most games work great, the pins need a decent overhaul tho.
2001-08-16Keith K SmithPac-Man moves in double speed on the Ms. Pac/Galaga machine here.
2001-05-06Keith K Smith (Flat Rock, MI)The button on the combined Galaga/Ms. Pac-Man machine tends to get stuck on auto-fire. One of the stand-alone Ms. Pac-Man machines (of 3, I think) runs its program between fast & slow inconsistently!

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