The Pinball Wizard Arcade

Pelham, New Hampshire, USA
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Location games last seen on:2011-10
Last change to this page:2011-10

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Ameridarts APB All Points Bulletin Arch Rivals Arkanoid
Asteroids Asteroids Deluxe Atomic Punk 2 Battlezone
Bionic Commando Black Tiger Black Widow Blasteroids
Bump N Jump Burger Time Centipede Circus Charlie
Cosmic Avenger Crystal Castles Defender Dig Dug
Do Run Run Donkey Kong Junior Dragon's Lair II Elevator Action
Exterminator Fintstones Memory Match Frogger Galaga
Galaga 3 Galaxian Golden Axe Gorf
Gyruss Hot Rod Jail Break Joust 2
Jungle Hunt Kangaroo Karnov Kings Castle
Leader Board Golf Lethal Enforcers Lock-On M.A.C.H. 3
Main Event Mappy Marble Madness Millipede
Missile Command Mr. Do! Mr. Driller Ms. Pac-Man
Narc Night Stocker Off Road Omega Race
Operation Wolf Outrun Turbo Pac-Man Phoenix
Pit Fighter Pole Position II Popeye Q*Bert
Q*bert Qubes Rally-X Rampage Road Riot 4wd
RoadBlasters S.T.U.N. Runner Silk Worm Smash TV
Space Invaders Star Trek Star Wars Return of the Jedi Stargate
Steel Talons Street Smart Super Bagman Super Contra
Super Masters Super Sprint Tank Tapper
Tempest Timber Toobin Track N Field
Tri-Sports Tron Victory Road Wacko
WWF Superstars Xevious

Comments on This Location
2013-09-05AnonWas disappointed that the Donkey Kong Jr. at Pinball Wizard was unlike ones Ive played before. Settings must be different. The levels were not in the typical order and the joystick controls were off.

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