Funspot/American Classic Arcade Museum
230+ classics, great condition)
Laconia, New Hampshire, USA
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Location games last seen on:2008-06
Last change to this page:2009-09

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1942 1943 The Battle Of Midway 720 Degrees A.P.B.
After Burner (cockpit) Alien Syndrome Alpine Ski Arkanoid
Asteroids Astro Fighter Astro Invader Astron Belt
Atari Basketball Ataxx Bagman Batman
Battlezone Berzerk Blue Print Bosconian
Breakout Buck Rogers Planet Of Zoom (cockpit) Bunp 'n Jump Burgertime
Buster Bros. Canyon Bomber Carnival Centipede
Challenger Champion Baseball Chase H.Q. Cheeky Mouse
Cheyenne Chiller Choplifter Circus Charlie
Cloak & Dagger Clowns Commando Computer Space
Congo Bongo Contra Crazy Climber Crossbow
Crowns Golf Crowns Golf In Hawaii Crystal Castles Dark Adventure
Defender Deluxe Space Invaders Depthcharge Destroyer
Dexlue Asteroids Dig Dug Domino Man Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong Junior Double Dragon Double Dragon II - The Revenge
Double Dribble Drag Race Dragon Spirit Dragon's Lair
Eagle Elevator Action Enduro Racer Fax
Final Lap Fire Truck Food Fight Frogger
Galaga Galaxian Gauntlet Gauntlet II
Ghosts 'n Goblins Gladiator Gorf Grand Champion
Gravitar Guerrilla War Guided Missile Gun Fight
Gun Smoke Gyruss Hang-On (cockpit) Hard Drivin'
Heavy Barrel Ikari Warriors Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road
Joust (cocktail) Joust 2: Survival Of The Fittest Jr. Pac-Man Jungle Hunt
Juno Kangaroo Karate Champ Kick Man
Krull Lady Bug Land Sea Air (cocktail) Lazarian
Legion LeMans Leprechaun Liberator
Lock 'n' Chase Lode Runner Lunar Rescue Major Havoc
Make Trax Mania Challenge Mappy Marble Madness
Mario Bros. Mercs Millipede Missile Command
Monaco GP Moon Lander Moon Patrol Moonwar
Motorace USA Mouse Trap Mr. Do! Ms. Pac-Man
NARC Night Driver (cockpit) Ninja Gaiden Operation Thunderbolt
Operation Wolf Out Run (cockpit) Pac-Man Pac-Man Plus
Paperboy Pengo Phoenix PlayChoice 10
Pleiads Pole Position (cockpit) Pole Position II (cockpit) Pong Doubles
Popeye Pulsar Punch-Out!! Q*Bert (cocktail)
Q*Bert's Qubes Qix Quantum Quarterback
Quartet Race Drivin' Radical Radial Rally-X
Rally-X (cocktail) Rampage Red Alert Red Baron (cockpit)
Ring King Road Runner Robby Roto Robot Bowl
Robotron: 2084 Rolling Thunder S.T.U.N. Runner Satan's Hollow
Scramble Sea Wolf Shooting Master Shootout (cocktail)
Sky Shark Space Ace Space Duel Space Harrier
Space Invaders Spectar Speed Buggy Sprint 2
Spy Hunter (cockpit) Star Castle Star Trek Star Wars
Stargate Starship I Steel Talons Stratovox (cocktail)
Subroc 3D Super Breakout Super Bug Super Cobra
Super Hang-On (cockpit) Super Mario Bros. Super Masters Super Pac-Man
Super Sprint Super Zaxxon Superman Tag Team Wrestling
Tank II Tapper Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tempest
Tetris The End The Main Event The Real Ghost Busters
The Simpsons Thief Thunder Blade (cockpit) Tiger Road
Timber Time Pilot Track & Field Triple Hunt
Tron Turbo (cockpit) Turbo Out Run Turkey Shoot
Tutankham V'Ball Vanguard Venture
Video Pinball Virtua Racing Vs. Dr. Mario Vs. Duck Hunt
Vs. Golf Vs. Hogan's Alley Vs. Tennis (cocktail) Warlords
Wheel Of Fortune Wheels Wheels II Wild Western
Wizard Of Wor Wonder Boy WWF Superstars Xenophobe
Xevious Xybots Zaxxon Zoo Keeper

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Comments on This Location
2014-11-21Road RunnerMeep Meep! It looks that way Wile E. I just looked all over this site and our video game was only located at Funspot.
2014-11-14Wile E. CoyoteIs this the only place to find a Road Runner arcade game? (which of course is about me and my nemesis, The Road Runner).
2012-08-12Ron CYes the Space Harrier game they have is full motion as of last month!
2010-06-25Chief ScalpemThe game could also be Sunset Riders.
2009-08-16AnonymousI'm pretty sure I saw that same game in Disney Quest in Orlando two days ago.
2009-07-12Richard M.I think the game Evo is referring to is "Gunsmoke". (And, just to make this a relevant post, Funspot is the only place I know of that still has that game.) :)
2009-07-09EvoDoes anyone know the name of an arcade game I think from the late 80's maybe early 90's where you are a cowboy and you ride a horse at times and shoot. It wasn't a rail shotter ( I don't think) but I remember this game and can't thinkof the name of it. Can anyone please help
2009-04-30alexdoes anyone here know if the space harrier is the full motion cockpit version?
2009-02-19ZachI've been here 3 times but haven't commented yet, so I'll break the ice now. Funspot is all it's cracked up to be and more. They've got the most diverse and expansive selection of classics I've ever seen. It's the closest thing to being in a vintage arcade, circa 1982. Funspot has so many of my favorite games that it's impossible to play all of them in one day! Gotta get back there soon!
2008-10-05Nate GouletVisited Funspot 10-7-08. I was surprised how many new games they have added since my trip in the Spring or early summer. At least 20. The room they normally have the indoor video golf was instead full of classic machines. I'm told golf will return for the winter soon, and several machines will be put back in storage. So visit soon. New machines included a red Computer Space (non-working but I was told it was working earlier in the summer), Sega Subroc 3D, Juno, Lock & Chase, Buck Rogers cockpit (non-working), Night Driver cockpit(non-working)and others. I noticed new pinball machines, and 3 EM games. As always, I was amazed at the excellent condition of most of the machines, especially the latest new classics. Some pinball machines were out of order, but they have a lot and have clearly been very busy fixing all these new additions. Great job Funspot!
2008-06-02Richard M.Well, I just got back from Funspot, from their annual tournament, which went quite well. I did say that I would check the condition of their pinball games, and I did. The pins that were not part of the tournament did not work as well as those that were in the tournament, but most were playable. One game in particular (Jurassic Park) had a flipper that didn't work, but I'm sure their maintenance crew will work on that one. Another machine had a coin slot that didn't work. As I said in my prior post, it's hard to maintain pinball machines, especially in the world's largest arcade. Just bring it to someone's attention and get your token back.
2008-03-31xChris, what day were you there when 1/2 of the pins were off?
2008-03-30Chris CannonI go to Funspot every week to play and as of 03/08 over half of the pinball machines are shut off beause of constant complaints. The ones that are still on have defects as well that make it hard to win. The pinball games at Funspot have fallen into terrible disrepair. I have spoken kindly with the tech. several times and little has been done. Although I am proud to live very close to Funspot, I am crushed when I go in and see the condition of the games. For the last year or so, they have decided to leave as many defective games on as possible in order to make the money and issue refunds (tokens)instead of marking the games out of order, or repairing. This constitutes stealing in my book. They knowingly leave broken pins on for weeks and months. The pinballs are in such disrepair I wonder if they will ever catch up. If you are coming from far away to play pinball don't bother. If you are not a regular, you cannot know which games are working, and you will be disappointed. If you come for the classics, pac-man, galaga, etc. most of them are still O.K.
2008-03-30Richard M.Chris, I find it interesting that you posted almost the exact comment for Funspot in Laconia, NH and for Boomers in Dania, FL; that you visit each place once a week. (Do you drive or fly? Either way, I want _your_ job! LOL!)... The other nearly identical comment about the place in Florida was deleted, BTW... As for Funspot in NH, I admit I've not been there in about a year, but have never really had problems with the pins there; some don't work but then it's hard to maintain pinball machines. I will very likely go up there in about two months; I can certainly check the condition of the games then and comment about it. :)
2007-05-09PlayerRowell, the entire 3rd floor of Funspot is the American Classic Arcade Museum. Not quite a historic landmark but a museum anyway. A lot of the footage for the movie The King Of Kong was filmed there.
2007-02-05RowellAs an avid arcade gamer from Jersey (don't laugh), I checked this place out for the weekend. It's hard to find at first, but once you get used to it, it won't be a problem. Anyway, I checked it out and to sum it up in one word: WOW! The arcade is unbelievable! It's so incredible that the owners should make it a historic landmark.
2007-01-20JohnFunspot is awesome. I'm lucky enough to live close to it. Although all of the games are older than me, I still love playing them.
2006-12-29RichI visited the Funspot arcade this summer during my vacation out east and had an awesome time there. It was a real blast from my past playing all the classics of my youth. All the games seemed well maintained and worked quite well that I played which was about half of them. Anyone thinking of making a trip out to funspot will definitely not be disappointed.There is really no other place like this that still exists. I can't wait to go back.
2006-12-15Richard M.Last time I was at Funspot, there was one game (Gyruss) that wasn't working. (This is out of about 15 that I played when I was there last month.) The other games worked fine. I would disregard Hoover's comment about requiring a "rubber suit" (Funspot has very clean washrooms, definitely the cleanest among arcades I have seen, and the rest of the arcade certainly passes my standards). In all the times I've been there I have never seen anyone "wasted" from going to their bar.
2006-12-14HooverTons of old games. Some of them in working condition. Barrely any new ones. They got bowling and stuff, and a bar so the parents can get wasted while the kiddies play too. Wear a rubber suit cuz the games and some areas of the place is filthy. Last time I wuz there I tripped on a big hole in what subs for a rug. The people are nice, tho. Worth it if ur in the area, love old games, and if u don't mind the grime and broken games.
2006-11-14Ed SawyerThis place is great, I grew up about 20 minutes from here and we went there all the time in high school. Back in the heyday, they were open 24 hours a day. It was awesome, go down at midnight, not much of a crowd, play whatever you wanted. Back when NH had highway tokens, (which they have since done away with), they were 12c each when you bought them at the toll booths, and they worked (and still do I think) in all the funspot games! It was great, a half-price discount. The kids that worked there got to keep the highway tokens they took out of the machines, since they couldnt' recycle them into the token bank there... so they were psyched too (free tolls for them). I haven't been back lately, live about an hour from there now, it was and is likely still a great place. They expanded at least 3 or 4 times back in the 80s and 90s, the original building was what is on the far left (if you are looking from the road), single-story, very small. They built it up hugely for a while, major expansions.
2006-06-06Keith KIn response to the last comment, David D, the game you are thinking of is Ataxx, which the Funspot happens to have. Also, my friends and I visited the Funspot last November and it was DEFINITELY worth the 5 hour drive from New York. A must visit for any fan of early 80's arcade games. They have almost every game you can think of and 99 percent of them are in working order.
2006-04-10David DDoes anyone know the name of this game that was out either in the LATE 80's or Early 90's that had a grid with paint balls on it and you moved to try and change the color of the opponents balls directly adjecent to your move? Cannont remember for the life of me.
2006-04-04J.TranAny initial D arcade games?
2005-11-15JanetThey should get games on the web site.
2005-11-08AmandaDoes anyone on this forum work/know anyone who works at Funspot? I'm trying to find someone. =] Thanks
2005-11-04AskedTheir Front Line has a fried boardset. They're looking for a replacement and put the game out back for now.
2005-10-07mattSI am almost positive Frontline is at Funspot. That was one of my favorites, and I recall playing it last time I was there, which was about a year ago. And I totally stunk at it. I think these new fangled games with all their controls have wiped out my ability to play with one knob and one button!
2005-08-11JerriOn their own Web site, they list Front Line. However, in the list here and the list at this site (posted in an earlier comment): Front Line is not mentioned. Front Line is one of my favorite games, and I'm going to be cycling 150 miles to get there, and am hoping it's still there. If it's not, does anyone know what happened to it?
2005-08-11KarlitoI was there 2 weeks ago and did not see Front Line...however I wasn't looking for it so I may have overlooked it, but I doubt pedantic correction to the game list would be that that Popeye is NOT a cocktail version. This place not only has the greatest selection of classic games but nearly all of them have been restored to EXCELLENT condition, not just the playability, but the cabinets as well. This place was just amazing. I drove 10 hours to go there and it was well worth it.
2005-06-26Richard M.Dan, I don't know who this "someone" is or what that person was drinking/smoking, but I have played Centipede on occasion at Funspot since 2001. The graphics are the same as any other Centipede I have played: spiders, centipede parts, fleas, scorpions, and mushrooms. No birds. :-)
2005-06-12DanDoes the Centipede still have birds instead of insects as someone once claimed it did?
2005-06-11John CunninghamMr. Kelly R. Flewin audited Funspot's inventory on the weekend of June 4, 2005 and posted a list at:
2005-01-31Toni M.I love quartet. that is the best game in the world, ever! i'm glad you guys have lots of classic games.
2003-11-14WesAll these games are still there. They also have about 25 classic pinball machines.
2003-11-06ScottHi, I know that this is not an information page,but being a classic arcade collector myself and seeing the games on this list I am sure to make this my next vaction. I hope it has not changed since the comments I have read on here. I will see you soon.
2003-06-06Gary VincentI would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the players who attended the tournament and made it such a success. Ken and I had a great time and hope all of you had a great time as well. The scores were incredible and the competition was exciting to watch as the players raced to see who would be the best. Nine new world records at one tournament are just unbelievable! I would also like to thank all of the Funspot employees who helped with this event, Amanda, Jen, Steph, Tina, Erica, Steve, Rob and Anna who spent most of the time scoring and all the others who filled in when needed. A big thank you to Randy Lawton for spending countless hours and many double shifts working on the games during the tournament and all those weeks leading into it. Thanks to Bob Winterson for working all day Saturday to help Randy with the games and an enormous thank you to Stephanie for writing the program that tracked all of the scores and made data entry a breeze. Jenn, thank you for all of the time you spent helping us make the tournament as smooth as possible. Mark your calendars for the 6th Annual Funspot Classic Game Tournament to be held the weekend after Memorial Day 2004. Exact dates will be posted when available.
2003-05-31Gary VincentSaturday 5/31/03 Update: Today saw more exciting game play from the contestants as they demonstrated their amazing skills and tumbled existing records. Here are the new record setting scores as of 8:00pm: Mark Boolman (Illinois): Astro Fighter 17,530 Phil Hubbard (New Hampshire): Dragon Spirit 615,950 Rob Barrett (Oregon): Tutankham 622,040 Pat Laffaye (Massachusetts): Frogger 427,940 Pat is determined to break the existing world which is only +/- 15,000 higher. Shawn Cram (Maine): Donkey Kong 3, 4-man, 358,500 Gary
2003-05-29Gary VincentTOURNAMENT UPDATE 5/29/03: A special announcement was made at 5:00pm today introducing the first Funspot Classic Arcade Player of the Year competition to be held annually during the Funspot Classic Game Tournament. Players will compete on a varied selection of color and monochrome video games as well as pinball. The winner of the contest will be crowned the Funspot Classic Arcade Player of the Year and will hold that title until they have to defend it the following year. A framed certificate will be presented to the player and they will receive recognition in the game room for the year.
2003-04-18GaryThe classic game tournament is fast approaching; May 29th through June 1st.
2002-12-30WillThis site really needs to be updated more often! Sheesh!
2002-12-20Chrisi live 10 minutes away from Funspot :) and i was in the first tournament. didnt get any records though... i've been going to funspot since it was a small little place in Concord, New Hampshire! I have a home video of myself and my brother when we were little kids walking around a skating rink in halloween costumes for the annual Funspot halloween party. the location its at now is great! i feel like i have to wear leg warmers and a def lepard shirt with teh sleeves ripped off to go upstairs and play the classics :)
2002-10-17MickieBack in 1999 was when Funspot had their first annual classics event. "The idea for the Funspot-Twin Galaxies Classic was co-created by Gary Vincent and Ken Sweet,... Because Funspot is famous for owning the world's largest collection of publicly operated classic video games, Ken realized that this would be the obvious site for the classic gaming hobby's premiere contest. "We convinced the editors of the Book of Records that this was the perfect place to create an official high-score championship for classic gaming," says Sweet, who is now a video game journalist in New Hampshire." I agree, Funspot is an awesome place to go. Follow Gary's link and you should definitely visit the place some time. It is well worth the trip! They recently revamped their classics room. Enjoy!!!
2002-10-16Summer82ASTONISHING! With only one minor exception (Star Castle), EVERY game I could have dreamed of finding was at this place. If I didn't live two hours away, I would probably spend all of my free time at FUNSPOT. The place is like a time warp! I had heard ridiculously good things about this arcade, but I ascribed some of it to mere hyperbole. Guess I was wrong. If you're considering a trip, GO IMMEDIATELY!
2002-08-28Atomic DragonA fantastic collection of classic games!!! Most were in great condition. Some had a few minor issues but nothing too bad. Takes 2 hours to get there, but it's worth it. The classic gaming room has been redone and it looks great. Bright new paint on the walls. Classic gaming posters and 80's music. You have to come here. Do what you can to make it to the Funspot.
2002-08-28Atomic DragonI forgot to mention all the great pinball tables they have. Some appear to date back to the late 50's/early 60's. They have my second favorite classic piball table "Pinbot" and my favorite classic arcade vid "Gyruss" I love it there and WILL bw back.
2002-07-20arcadianStrange place to ask, but this is the game:
2002-07-18AaronHey all, I was just surfing and thought of an old arcade game that I loved, but had not seen anywhere. I dont remember the name of it, but it was a football game with I think robot like characters. It could be played two player with two screens facing a little a way from each other on the same machine. This is a great site, and if anyone remembers the game or can think of a place that would know email me at Thanks, keep up the great site!
2002-06-03Craig LesterK. Richard, I was at Hampton Beach two years ago and noticed that many of the older classics are gone having been replaced by prize dispensing games. Happy Hampton seemed to be mostly prize/ticket games with a few vids thrown in. There were a lot there at one time but I don't believe that's the case any longer. I agree that Funspot accidently became retro but they've added a lot of new classics in the past several years and have really embraced the concept. Talk with Gary when you go back, he appears to be the driving force behind the classic games there. I talked with him about fighting games once and he says they don't fit the Funspot family image. I guess it's cool that they stuck to what they believed in.
2002-06-01K. RichardIve been going to this place since 1990, so i thought id just add a couple of observations. First of all, in my experience, it seems that Funspot became a retro-gaming arcade by accident rather than design. When i used to go there in the early 90's there was still (as one of the earlier posts mentions) a healthy supply of what were then modern games (Mercs, Heavy Barrel, Smash TV, etc.). It didnt become "retro" until sometime in the mid-90s, largely, I think, because they failed to keep up with the fighting game craze. My brother & I often joke that they got burned on "new games" after "Time Traveller" (a hologram game they had for a few months in 1991, which drew quite a crowd to watch, but few to actually play).Of course sometime a few years ago they realised they were sitting on a nostalgia goldmine & have since tailored things to the classic gaming crowd( with the Pac Man Tournaments & arcade game restoration workshops &all) Anyway, Funspots' a great place, I love it & still go there whenever I can (its even got a nice bar) HOWEVER I have to point out that I have seen a bigger collection of classic & old school games...albiet not recently: back in the turn of the 90s one could go to Hampton Beach in southern NH & find more classic& rare games. There was no single arcade the size of Funspot, but along the boardwalk you could find about 3 or 4 arcades that each had about half as many games as the 'spot(one of them, for example,had the Baby Pac Man pinball/video game machine which Funspot didnt have in those days) Hampton Beach taken altogether was bigger. last great thing about Funspot they have my favorite Arcade game of all time CHEYENNE
2002-04-02Marc L.I live in Canada and I accidentally found this place about 10 years ago. Since then, I try to go there every time I can. In 97 I began working on some drivers for MAME so I grabbed my video camera and went there to document some games. It was the only place that I know of that had the games I wanted. This is really the best place on the planet.I hope that they will live long. Note: I think Tempest has the rev-1 rom ;-)
2002-03-08Gary VincentRichard, The registration form is on our site now. Sorry for the delay but I had to iron out some details concerning the costs for the welcoming dinner on Wednesday.
2002-03-04Bill P.As Brigham Young once proclaimed of the state of Utah; "This is the place."
2002-03-03Gary VincentDon't forget our 4th annual classic game tournament May 30th - June 2, 2002!!!!
2002-03-03Richard M.Gary: Is it possible to register for the tournament over the Internet? I know that if I register before the tournament starts, I spend $25 rather than $30.
2001-08-10FrankWow. Need I say more....
2001-07-22Nate GouletFunSpot is the largest, and best arcade for classic games on the planet, period. I visit several times a year, and it's 150 miles away. If you live far away, it's well worth taking a flight to visit. Not to mention down the street in the summer season is Weirs beach, featuring 3 more classic arcades with rare games. N.H. in general has great classic arcades, visit my website "Nate's Guide to N.E Arcades" for more info.
2001-06-25Gary VincentFunspot is in Weirs Beach which is a section of the city of Laconia. For more info about Funspot, visit our web site at or you can call us at (603) 366-4377. The web site contains directions, game lists, classic game related information, links and other info about us and the attractions we offer.
2001-06-24Asteroid-HeadWE WENT, WE SAW, WE PLAYED!! All of us had a great time. Funspot is the place for classic game players. It was a trip back in time. BTW Pete, Funspot is actually in Laconia, NH. I believe Weirs Beach is just a section of Laconia and not an actual town. Go there if you can!
2001-06-23peteThe map search doesn't list Weirs Beach. Is this the correct name of the town?
2001-06-18Asteroid-HeadSeveral friends and I are making the trek to Funspot this week! I can't wait! Jeeez, I'm acting like a 16 year old again.....scary!
2001-06-15Craig LesterIf you are a fan of pinball machines, they have about 30 of them. They are not listed here obviously, but you can get the list off of their website. They get my vote for best classic arcade in the country!
2001-05-27Bill P.The best video arcade on Earth. Period. If Funspot were a woman I would marry her.
2001-05-27WilliamI hear they have a Tempest and Gorf coming soon. There was a list of games on their site that were being donated to them for their museum project and I'm sure I saw those games on the list.
2001-05-16Richard M.The only thing "lame" about Funspot is that it is 200 miles from where I live. And that they don't have Tempest -- my favorite game of all time. Other than that, this is the best arcade I've ever seen. Period. I've been there twice and will definitely be back.
2001-05-14Tony p'Lame' sounded like sarcasm. :)
2001-05-10Asteroid-HeadHow can you call a place with a list of games like this "lame?" It's better than any place near me.
2001-05-09byssWhat no Tempest????? No Gorf????? this place is lame!!!!! ;D
2001-05-08Asteroid-HeadMust say, this classic game locator is great. I've never been to Funspot but what a list of games they've got! Is this for real? I can't believe there is a place like this!!!
2001-04-16JoeyI decided to go to Funspot after reading all the comments here. Had a great time! A true classics paradise and well worth the 150 mile trip.
2001-04-03WayneThis place is awesome! We stopped by there on the way home from Canada and had a great time. We'll be back for sure! It was kickass busy while we were there. My brother and I played Space Duel for about 2 hours! We haven't played this since we were kids! I tracked down Gary Vincent and spoke with him about his museum project. This guy really knows his sh**! If you don't know about the museum look at their web page. I can't wait to see it when it's done. GO THERE !!
2001-03-24Ian CrossI made a trip up to Funspot a few months ago for the first time. What a place!! We had a great time there. It's hard to believe that I only live 3 hours south of there and had never heard of it before. Found this site through the Funspot links page. Excellent reference guide! Blessings, Ian Cross
2001-03-22Rick PetersonBeen going here since I was a kid, glad to see other people are finally finding out about this hidden jewel. If you love classic games then a trip to Funspot is a MUST!! Ask for Gary when you get there, he runs the place.
2001-02-18Joel HedgeWeir's Beach is possibly the best location ever. I was dizzy with excitement all day! You get a better price break for the larger bill you spend on tokens. If you spend $20, each game is 16 cents. The vast assortment of obscure but great games is impressive. It is like playing in a museum! Go to the contest early in June or visit this lake town off-season for a better hotel price. If you travel to play games, this trip is a must! The average game age is comparable to Cedar Point, Ohio. -Joel Hedge Mod Del
2000-12-07FrankAfter finding out about this place as a result of visiting this web site, I took my little brother with me on a pilgrimage here this past November 2000. It was great for me but he was bored cosidering the fact that he is only 18 years old and many of those games were out when he was still in diapers. For me it was well worth the 6 hour trip from New York City but I don't think it has enough new games to keep a teenager happy for more than an hour or so. This time of year is the off season for that area and I didn't have to wait to play any of the games. I can't wait to go back!
2000-10-31John in NHTHE New England Mecca for classic gaming! Outstanding - most games working 100% all the time!
2000-08-18Bill P.If you love classic arcade games, you are obliged to pay a visit to this fabulous place. The selection of games here is incredible. - A note about so-called "fringe classics" - these games, designed 1990-1991 or so represent some of the finest games ever made. Examples include Mercs, Thunder Fox, Time Traveller, Hammerin' Harry, and Spider-man, all of which are fantastic, and should be listed here as well.
2000-07-25leslie collins i like to now to buy a laser disc corba command arcade games dam it
2000-07-18PatrickI have been vactioning in NH for over a decade, and no trip is complete without a few days at FunSpot. I grew up at the Jersey Shore, where access to Coin-Ops was amazing. Nothing compares to FunSpot for Coin-Ops. It is nestled in a great setting, with Lake Winnipisauke etc. Great for family vacations or pilgrimage for video games.
2000-06-28Tony P.I had the privlege of going there in the fall of 99. What an amazing place. Every game is perfect, they really take care of things. There is no other place like it, and if you like classics, it is worth traveling hundreds of miles for and spending an entire day there. It's that good!
2000-06-23HollyI'm surprised no one has posted a message about Funspot yet, so I guess I will. I recently went to Funspot (well, it's been a few months now) and it was great. It was off-season so it wasn't very crowded, which was good. I put up some pics on my page if anyone wants to check it out ( It was great and I recommend all classic gamers go here if they have any chance at all, even if they have to travel hours for it, it's definately worth it.

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