Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
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Location games last seen on:2007-10
Last change to this page:2007-06

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Ms. Pac-Man

Comments on This Location
2007-07-13OlympianbabeI was there last year.It should add a coin operated horse there because I didn't see one there.
2007-06-20ByronI stopped in today to see what classics are left and I only found a Ms Pac-Man. It was in decent shape and it plays well. 50 cents a play. First time I've ever seen Ms Pac-man cost more than 25 cents anywhere!
2006-05-15MikeOcean is slated to be compltetely remodeled, somewhat like "The Walk" in Tropicana. The chances of them building an arcade on the property are slim to none.
2004-03-04JoeIn case anybody is interested, the Ocean One Mall on the Atlantic City Boardwalk is currently being rennovated, and is scheduled to open sometime in 2005. I'm not exactly sure if it's going to be a mall, or something else though. In front of the mall you can see an artist's drwaing of what it'll look like when it's done, and it looks like it'll be more of an entertainment center of some sorts, rather than a mall. Hopefully it will be another mall, and that it'll at least have a half decent arcade in it like the Ocean One Mall had. It's kind of sad though that it'll never be the same like it was before. That's too bad for sure.
2003-12-16ABROkay, I checked the Ocean One Mall's arcade operators website (tilt) and they don't have it listed so I guess that means it's gone. But Playcade is an excellent place, and only a couple blocks away from Ocean One Mall. I remember it was a couple blocks from where I was staying, and the second I walked into Playcade, it felt "retro".
2003-11-12JoeTo the person who posted the most recent comment about this place, did the mall on the A.C. Boardwalk (Ocean One Mall, or whatever it's called) actually re-open? I remember that it closed down for a while, and I thought it was a goner. I remember going to that arcade on class trips to A.C. when I was in high school, and the arcade there was good, but they didn't have any classics, and a they had a few faulty games there too. Did that arcade get any classics and/or any other new games in it? I'll have to check it out next time I make a visit to Atlantic City. I'll be turning 21 soon, so I'll be going to A.C. a lot after that happens! Any info about the Mall arcade in A.C. would be appreciated. In the meantime, if you ever go down to A.C. make sure you visit the Playcase Arcade! In my opinion, any arcade that has an Ultracade machine is worth a visit.
2003-11-03ABRIn addition to what the person below me said, there are not all that many arcades in Atlantic City. Actually, the only other one I saw was the one inside Ocean One Mall (also a good one) if you visit this arcade you will probably want to walk down a couple blocks north and visit Tilt at Ocean One. Playcade friendly staff and the games were great. The place actually had employees on the game floor ready to assist anyone with problems (I don't see that much anyomre) Visit their website
2003-07-20JoeOne of the better arcades in A.C. I think (even though that's really not saying that much, since they're aren't many other ones there), with a mix of some good classics, and some more newer games. The arcade is very small, but it's worth a visit in my opinion, since it does have some decent games that are well maintained.

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