8 On the Break

Dunellen, New Jersey, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-01
Last change to this page:2005-03

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Jr. Pac-Man Moon Patrol Mr. Do! Ms. Pac-Man
Super Chase: Criminal Termination

Comments on This Location
2011-03-19timoneI love 8 on the break and head there monthly. The classic arcade games seem to dwindle in number and are replaced by those dance games that are common now. However, the pinball room is incredible. At any point they have 6-8 games and rotate in/out games occassionally. All games are in great shape and well maintained.
2008-10-03steve tottenThis place is amazing! almost all arcades here in new jersey are gone now but this place hangs on. the classics are there, the pinball is great BUT EAT A CHEESESTEAK OMG i am in heaven. YUMMIE!!!!
2007-11-30dunellen dongames are superb.
2005-05-03JimmyI agree with the color situation with Mr. Do, but I had no problems playing it. They also have Fun House pinball which I enjoy. I'm looking forward to my next visit. I could spend all day there on the weekends.
2004-02-09KC"8 on the Break" is a rare find these days - a true "hole in the wall" arcade. Located right on Main St. it's easy to miss amidst the various small shops - in fact, I missed it twice trying to find it. Once I went in, however, the place was packed (it was on a Sunday late in the afternoon), the smell of some unidentified greasy food was in the air and the sounds of various machines come out very clearly. The place is broken up into three different rooms - the main room as you walk in, a small side room to the left and a large room in the back with a couple of pool tables. The majority of the games are in the main room. There are about two dozen games there overall and only a handful of "classics". The Mr. Do machine had perfect response and sound (I could actually here it over the other noise in the place) although there was a problem with the colors, especially the reds. The Ms. PacMan machine seemed to be in excellent condition as well, as was evidenced by a very good player that I was watching. I didn't get a chance to try the Moon Patrol machine, but the colors on the demo screen looked fine. As for the others, I was disappointed. Assault and Power Drift were both unplugged and I couldn't even find Bubble Bobble (although, in truth, I did not get to the back room and it may have been in there. I'll check on my next visit). There apparently used to be a Dragons Lair machine there, but it's been converted to something more updated (I didn't recognize the game itself). A very plesent surprise, however, were the handful of pinball machines. All seemed to be in good condition with the exception of the Terminator pin which was unplugged. The "coup de grace" for me, however, was finding a Black Knight II machine there. This is a hard pin to find and getting it in the good condition exceptionally rare. The Black Knight machines (both versions) were notorious for having target problems (drop and other) due to the wax they use to polish the paying fields. From what I could tell, this machine only had a problem with one kickback bumper. Overall, I had a pleasent experience at 8 On The Break and look forward to going again. I do hope they are able to fix the broken machines and return them to the lineup soon. I'll give another update as soon as I can.

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