Richie Knucklez Arcade Games
$10 admission, limited hours, check first
Flemington, New Jersey, USA
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Location games last seen on:2008-11
Last change to this page:2008-12

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720 Degrees Asteroids Atari Football Baby Pac-Man
Crossbow Defender Dexlue Asteroids Donkey Kong
Food Fight Frogger Galaga Gorf
Gyruss Karate Champ Millipede Missile Command
Monaco GP (mini, cocktail, sitdown) Moon Patrol Ms. Pac-Man (cocktail) Operation Wolf
Pac-Man Paperboy Phoenix Pole Position
Q*Bert Race Drivin' Robotron: 2084 Satan's Hollow
Space Invaders Star Wars Super Breakout Super Punch-Out!!
Tempest Thief Track & Field Turbo (cabaret)

Comments on This Location
2013-12-26AndrewRichie has opened up a new arcade in Bridgewater, same deal open fri and sat nights. Check his website for details.
2009-05-10Tim SczerbyGreat Place. Takes me back to a time when things were better. The nostalgia was such I expected to see my old 78 ford futura in the parking lot when I left. Is this heaven.. If you build it...they will come.
2009-04-21BlackburnI still miss the good ole days at Supercade. We used to free games from the attendent thereor on a couple of machine if you hit htem 'just right' it would give you free games. There was this guy named Dan who lived at the Rastan machine and always thought the CIA was changing the program on it because he played it. We used to get so F---ed up in the little office in there. Bill the manger was so cool he didn't care if you hung out there. Nothin like a cool game of High Spped and a slice at Scotto's. Long live the Mall-RAAT.
2009-01-06Richard M.A quick update to my 1/04/'09 post. Richie Knucklez stated on the CAG forum that he has obtained a new Galaga which should be available this coming Friday.
2009-01-04Richard M.I had the pleasure of visiting this arcade this past Friday, 1/02/'09. Although a couple of machines listed here were gone (Galaga being one), they will be replaced, as the selling and restoration of machines is part of Richie's business. Because I am a semi-competative gamer, I have to ocndition myself when visiting a place like this to play games for fun or practice on new games, instead of just concentrating on games that I'm good at; after all, it is a $10 charge for four hours and all the games are on free play. A few minor issues with one or two of the machines that can be fixed. A major issue is the screen display on Star Wars, which will not be an easy fix. But all in all, this is definitely worth the trip for a Friday evening. Very friendly place.
2008-05-11joethis place rules
2008-04-04DWThis place is awesome...tons of fun games in great shape and only 10 bucks for 4 hours!
2008-03-15JohnCame down last Friday, place is awesome. The games are in perfect condition. So much fun. Two thumbs up!!
2007-07-05Richie KnucklezIf the link is broken try
2007-03-23MichaelOnly On Friday?
2007-03-06RowellThis arcade is open to the public every Friday starting at 6. Admission is $10; all you can play.

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