Bev & Wally's

Keansburg, New Jersey, USA
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Location games last seen on:2003-11
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2008-08-31ripped offMy husband and I have been saving points for bev and wallys arcade in keansburg, nj for many years. Yesterday we finally decided to redeem them all for prizes. Well, to our surprize, we were told that out of our 84,000 points, only 21,000 were good to use. We were told that there is a new owner since 4 years ago and our 63,000 points were from the old owner and worthless and not honored anymore. We go to bev and wallys arcade every year and every weekend over the summers and nothing was ever posted saying that there was anew owner or anything. I feel that all the money we spent to get those 63,000 points was a waste . The name bev and wallys never changed so why wont they honor our tickets with their name on it? Because the owner is a scam artist and everyone should know it. I wil never spend another penny in that rip off arcade ever again. and I advise everyone else to do the same. Their crane machines dont pick up anything either. Try it you'll see what = mean. I feel this place should be out of business for ripping people off of their hard earned money. [Since this comment is not about classic arcade games, it goes to the looney bin. As for your issue, is there anything in writing about expiration of points? Read the fine print! -- RWM]

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