Joe's Private Arcade
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Manahawkin, New Jersey, USA
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Location games last seen on:2000-10
Last change to this page:2000-10

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Double Dragon II - The RevengePunch-Out!!

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2002-09-14JoePlease disreguard the comment made by "Jennifer" or whoever posted it. I can explain and here's why. One of my friends that was over saw that my place was on this website(he used the computer later on at night when I was not using it)and I guess he wanted to be a smartass and posted this comment up from my computer. [Rest of post removed... Joe, if that is the case, then have your computer password-protected with a screen saver or something. There is simply no excuse for allowing unauthorized access to your computer. -- Mission Impossible]
2002-09-13JenniferHey Joe! I think that's it's great you have all of these arcade games! Can I come over and play them? I live kind of far away so let's arrange a time or date when I can come over(we'll exchange addresses)and play your games with ya you sexy stud!
2002-09-13ImpossibleWhy was "Jennifer's" comment placed in the looney bin? Because Jennifer, who lives "far" away, posted from the same IP address and the same domain that Joe posts from -- in other words the same computer. This is a fact that Tony P. can readily verify. (Therefore I don't think it would be that hard for Joe and "Jennifer" to exchange addresses.) ;-) Actually, "Jennifer"'s message didn't even logically add up. (I'll leave it to Joe to figure out why.)

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