Hollywood Arcade

Ocean City, New Jersey, USA
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Location games last seen on:2006-08
Last change to this page:2006-09

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Dexlue Asteroids Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Millipede Ms. Pac-Man
Pac-Man S.T.U.N. Runner Sunset Riders Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time
The Simpsons

Comments on This Location
2005-02-20NittHollywood Arcade is now my favorite too. Jilly's is bigger but has fewer classics at this point. Hollywood has some of my old favorites such as the orignial Galaxian and Stun Runner. I hadn't seen Stun Runner since Campus Casino closed in State College. With Jilly's, Powerhouse and Hollywood Arcade, the O.C. boardwalk is a great place for video.
2004-10-07JoeThis arcade in my opinion is now the best arcade in Ocean City I think (thanks to Jillys, since they got rid of most of their classics), and this one has a good mix of old and new games. This arcade actually might have more classics not listed here that I might have missed, but the ones they do have are great ones I think. Another advantage about this arcade is that it's much cleaner than Jillys (and the other arcades I visited in Ocean City), and I think the Hollywood Arcade is just one of those arcades that would please almost any gamer. I highly recommend a visit to this arcade for anybody who ever goes to Ocean City New Jersey.
2002-10-24JoeThis is another pretty decent arcade in Ocean City that you won't be too dissaponted with if you like arcades with both old and new games. They have a few rare arcade games here like Sunset Riders,Superman,and Turtles II that I haven't seen in many other arcades before. It doesn't have quite as many games as Jilly's does, but it's a lot cleaner and takes much better care of it's games(there's a few games in Jilly's I've seen that had problems)than most other arcades do. I think this arcade is just about as good as most other arcades around here are and is in my opinion a good arcade to visit from time to time.

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