Barnacle Bills

Ortley Beach, New Jersey, USA
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Location games last seen on:2006-06
Last change to this page:2006-06

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Arkanoid Centipede/Millipede/Missile Command Clutch Hitter Frogger
Galaga Hang-On Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Ms. Pac-Man
Out Run The Simpsons Ultracade

Comments on This Location
2014-06-03Keith ONeillThe best place I have ever had the honor to work and play. It was something I looked forward to every summer. Brings back a lot of great memories.
2014-06-03Keith ONeillThe best place I have ever had the honor to work and play. It was something I looked forward to every summer. Brings back a lot of great memories.
2010-09-26Dave ScarpaMy Pictures of Playland available at!/profile.php?id=100001390335122 and a book written about Playland called, “Beyond Playland,” is available at
2009-06-26jimmy family owned the house across the street from playland from the early 60's though the late 90' brother worked there, and i loved the place. i could make a dollar stretch there. loved the helicopter game, the coffee bean crane. great great memories.
2009-05-26warren danielsi grew up in ocean beach 2 in the 70s and 80s i miss playland and the village mart arcade down the street they were my hangouts love to play pinball like firepower and videos like tempest and berzerk. barnacle bills is the only place standing i really miss those days bring em back
2009-01-24DaveMy dad owned playland and it broke my heart when they tore it down. i still have a few games including a few baseball games. If interested you can contact me at
2008-09-24OBSC 1 alumPlayland also had the most forgiving oldies machines like dime baseball and the old "rollover numbers" pinball machines...the kind that made a sound like a gun shot when you lit it up for a special. You could really work those machines alot without a tilt. Then there were two ice cream shops; the Milky Way next door (for soft) and an Old Fashioned Place across the street (for hard). Up 35, two blocks on the left was Brown's soda shop. They had Flash (an early multi-baller) before anyone else. Man oh man...can't you just smell the Coppertone?
2008-06-09DREWPlayland was the hang-out. Walking in to the right was the Juke Box next to the railing. Can still here Genesis or Led Zep. Asteroids and Tempest were my games....Was there from 1976 to 1984...hangin out....stayed in OB unit 1. Then it was off to TeePee subs for a tuna sub... at night tipping the life guard chairs up...burying beer in the sand and the pesky night if anyone remembers..drop me a line....also met a girl named Sara Lynn who was from Watchung...she stayed right near Playland on Lavallette side.
2008-06-06DaveI cooked at the Galley at Barnacle Bill's for 6 summers in High School and College..I have such great memories of that place.
2008-02-14louieI am currently in the process of buying a summer house in Ortley Beach, a few blocks from Barnacle Bills. I loved that place as a kid, and for nostalgic puposes still do. I have a fifteen year old daughter who does as well. I am glad I seen this sight today, It made me realize the struggle will be worth having a shore house in a great area!
2007-05-28KelOrtley Beach equals love. Period. End of story. Barnacle Bills makes it all the worth while, when you're not at the beach of course! Let me tell you. . .the candy claw "game" is amazing. You're NEVER a loser! :D
2006-11-19JoeWell it wasn't actually "me" who wrote the comment below, but I bet you're right about Barnacle Bills being in Ortley Beach. That's the city I thought it was in, and was also what I originally submitted it as. I did check on the map the location link on this page, but it says that it's in Seaside Heights for some reason, which can't be correct. I'll e-mail Tony P. about this ASAP, and let him know to make the change to say that Barnacle Bills is in Ortley Beach, since I'm sure that's where it's located.
2006-11-17joeJust a note. barnacle bills is not in Lavallette as you have on your web. It's in Ortley Beach.
2006-08-23doits great!! my family gos there every year!!!! its a great attraction and they sumtimes have bands outside it.. theres a snack and food bar and ice cream!! its so cool ! its the best kid hangout♥
2006-04-26BrianI've been staying in Lavalette every summer for about 20 years, and Barnacle Bills is the first place I stop after I come over the bridge. I throw a quarter in the Galaga machine, smell the ocean air and suntan lotion, and I know I'm at the Jersey shore. Now that I have a kid of my own I can pass this 'tradition' on. Barnacle Bills, my gateway to the shore. See you July 8th!!
2005-09-30DylanBy the way alyssa, they do have a ddr extreme, and alot of people do go there to play, i go 2 weeks a year and spend more then 100 bucks a week on that thing. Its a great way for them to make money.
2005-08-18another Pete"Pete" above mentioned Playland. It was originally on the north edge of Lavallette where it abutted Ocean Beach Surf Club Unit 1. It was the placw back in the 70's and early 80's. I still go back in my head when I hear "Dream On' by Aerosmith as it was always playing on the jukebox. Great wooden ball Skeeball and .10 baseball games, plus all the best Williams and Bally pinball machines. Big enough for everyone to be seen, but small enough to be a local hangout. I would kill for a picture of that place, exterior or interior. What a palace!
2003-06-07Alyssabarnacle bills should really get a ddr extreme or drr max, theyd get a lot more people to go there, and itd be better they dont have to many games that are really fun anymore and they should really get that.
2002-09-19JoeThis place is still a pretty decent place to go for classic arcade games. I don't go here to often(I go here about once a year)but it is a pretty good place for classic games. The thing about this place that worries me is that they've been getting a few new games but don't seem to be getting any other old games and a few of the old games they had are now gone. I remember them having a Centipede and a Punch Out a few years ago plus I think they also had a few other classic games back then too that they don't have now. Hopefully this place doesn't become like Seaside has been by getting rid of their classics and replacing them with new ones. That would be a big shame!
2001-08-18kerrii have a summer house down the shore in ortley and when i was younger barnies was the place to be if it wasnt teen night haha. anyway, they have alot of fun things and it is at a great location to meet people and then get a bite to eat next door, play mini golf, or take a quick walk to the beach hehe... it is ideal for like people 12-15.
2001-02-26PeteLast time I was there, about 2 years ago, they also had a Zoo Keeper, Punch-Out, Empire Strikes Back, Hat Trick and a few other golden oldies, but perhaps they've been replaced or broken since. This is definitely one of the best places in NJ for classic games. If NJ people remember back to the early '80s, there was a great place called Playland (I think) about a mile up the road with well over 75 classics (although they weren't "classics" then). It is now a mini-mart. Then that place then moved up the road a bit more and reduced to about 50 or so games. It is now an appliance store. Ah, memories! That entire area from Seaside to Lavallette was a goldmine for games back then. I spent all my Summers in the warm glow of a DK or Moon Patrol monitor and I must've played over 300 different games between about '81 and '83 as they always kept a good flow of new games coming in. Now for the area there's only Barnacle Bill's as Seaside has mostly gone to prize dispensing games. I encourage everyone in NJ to visit Barnacle Bill's if you get the chance.
2000-06-27JoeGreat place! I haven't been here in a while but last time I was here it was a dream come true! The classic games I know and love were all here last time I checked. It is a fun place to be and is great for the family or whoever wants to get their hands on those great classic games of the 80's and early 90's.

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