Shore Mall

Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, USA
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Location games last seen on:2007-09
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Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981

Comments on This Location
2004-12-21JoeI made my first visit to this arcade in a while, and despite the fact that it's now only down to one classic game, it has gotten better than it was the last time I visited it. For starters, this arcade has been slightly expanded, and now has more good newer games in it, including The Ocean Hunter, which is one of my favorite newer games. There's now some sports games in the back that spew out tickets that you can play, such as a basketball, football, and a golf game just to name the ones I remember, as well as an air hockey table, and a bubble hockey game (which of course do not give out tickets). Another good thing is that this arcade still retains the dark atmosphere that most mall arcades had in the 80's and early 90's, despite now having mostly newer games. Even though this place doesn't have a lot of classics in it like it used to, at least I can now say that it's worth a visit once again, since it's got some fun newer games (for low prices I must say), and the sports games I mentioned earlier, which can at least keep you busy for a short while. If anyone in the South Jersey area is looking for a good arcade to go to, this surely is one that I highly recommend once again.
2004-02-22JoeWell I made yet another visit here today, and I'm sad to report that this arcade has gotten rid of virtually all of their classics, and have replaced them with newer games (like Arctic Thunder, Crusi'n Exotica, Time Crisis, etc) that we see in almost every other arcades these days. Thsy also added a dance game (very similiar to Dance Dance Revoultion), which is located just outside of the arcade, and they also added some crane machines outside of the arcade too. As for the classics, they did add a Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Machine, and they still have the game Suzuka 8 Hours 2, but that's it for classic games. For once I actually saw somebody working inside that arcade, and I asked him why they got rid of the classic games, and he said that the arcade is now under new ownership, and that they want to get newer games like most other malls have. It's a big disgrace that there was finally a mall arcade that had some quality old games in it, only to get rid of them, and ending up replacing them with new games that are not nearly as good. Since there are only two classic games remaining, I can no longer recommend this place to people to enjoy classics, and it's too bad that the new owners of this arcade had to make a once decent arcade into a bad one. It's a big shame, that's for sure. Oh well.
2003-12-02JoeWell, I made yet another visit to this arcade over the weekend, and I forgot to mention that they no longer have Thunder Blade, as well as Pole Position, or Toobon. I notified Tony P. so hopefully he'll delete them next time this page is updated. I actually counted all of the games this arcade has, and they have 20 arcade games, which is a surprise. Only one game (I can't remember which one it was) wasn't working, and as far as I know, most of the other games worked fine. The Aliens screen/monitor looks a little crappy though (it has badly messed up colors, but it is playable for the most part). Inside the arcade, aside from the classics, as mentioned before, they have some newer games (I noticed that they don't have Crusi'n USA, and it's actually Crusi'n World in a Crusi'n USA Cabinet), and other notable games here are Lethal Enforcers, and Tekken 3. Also they have Trophy Hunting (not Deer Hunting USA, like I thought it was) sitting along the entrance of the arcade, and outside, they have some cheesy coin operated kiddy rides, and a game that you use a mallet to bash crabs. Also inside the arcade (aside from the video games) they have a mini basketball shooting game for the kids (in the left hand corner of the arcade), and in the middle of the arcade, they have a bigger basketball shooting game, and an air hockey table. They too have a game that you pound a basketball, that tries to shoot little ping-pong balls into baskets, that's seen in many other arcades. It would be better if this arcade had some classic pinball machines as well, but it's good that they have the games they have here, and it's even better that some of them are actually classics. One main problem with this arcade is that it's hard to see the screens when you're playing some of the games, due to the annoying glare from the lights in the arcade. Other than that, there's really nothing else wrong with this arcade (other than the fact that it's a little small, and you feel very cramped sometimes when you're in it), but it's one of the better arcades I've seen in any mall, and it was actually a little packed when I went here last time, which was a good sign. It's sure a recommended arcade to visit, if you ever go to this mall. In a way, it's not such a bad thing that they're not very consistent with their games, because it always leaves me wondering which ones they'll have when I come here, and it's good to be surprised sometimes. Hopefully they'll get some even better games in the future too. That would be great!
2003-11-24JoeWell once again, this strange arcade has gone yet another minor face lift in terms of the games it has. It's gotten rid of (but has also added) a couple of games once again, and two of the games they no longer have, (despite the fact that they're still on the list, and hopefully they'll be deleted soon) are Pole Position (at least they have Pole Position II), and Toobin'. This arcade also has a few somewhat newer games from the mid 90's that you'll typically see in some other mall aracdes, with the most notable ones being Cruis'n USA, and Mortal Kombat 4. Considering how small this arcade actually is, it's amazing how they can fit at least 12 (it has close to that amount) arcade games (although one of the games they have, which is Dear Hunting USA I believe, is standing just outside the arcade, which does work), plus an air hockey table, and a mini basketball shooting game inside it. The good thing is that most, if not all of the games here work fine, and it would be even better if they had all classics, and kept them to $.25 a play, instead of $.50. At least there's still at least one mall arcade with the same dark look, and feel as the arcades of the 80's to early 90's, and it's worth a visit, even if it's just to look at it for a few minutes, just to remind you how good arcades (mainly mall ones) once were. Hopefully this arcade will keep on lasting, and will start to be more consistent with the games they have, since they always change them around whenever I come here.
2003-01-20JoeAs you may have noticed, a couple more classic games have been added. Toobin, and a Pole Position II cockpit game (located just outside, right in front of the arcade) are now here, which is a big plus. However, the monitor on the Pole Position II game is very messed up (although the game looks to be playable for the most part, but I didn't try it myself however). They also removed some of their new games they had, but at least they still have the classic games here. It seems like everytime I come here, the games they have are never the same, and it gets kind of frusterating not knowing which games they will, and won't have from the last visit. As long as this place keeps their classics, that's good so hopefully this arcade will stay intact for a while, and not bite the dust like most mall arcades have been recently.
2002-10-19JoeThis is another place that frequently either gets rid of, or replaces their games. I just went in here about a week ago, and they got rid of some of their games. They had a few more classics then they do now but not a lot more. A couple of new classic games also were here that I didn't see last time but only two were added. They also have a few middle aged games and fairly new games also and it is nice to see a shopping mall have some old games and not only the brand new ones like most other malls do. Most of these games are in fairly decent condition and they play pretty well. However I still don't quite understand why they charge 50 cents to play these games. This arcade is pretty small but at least it's there and it's not too bad. It just would a little nicer if the games were cheaper and if they had more and better games in it. I still feel it's worth a short visit if you like a good mixture of classic and new games but don't expect to want to spend all of your spare time here after a while.
2002-01-27JoeI just recently went to this place and they always seem to change it around a lot for some reason. The arcade is in a different location but it's back in it's original location that it used to be in before they changed it around from the last time that I was here. The difference now is that even though the arcade is back in it's original loaction it's much smaller now but it still has some classic games but much different ones than before as you may have noticed. It's still pretty nice that a shopping mall still has some classic games in it,but it just has less than it did before(not to mention a lot of different ones too like I mentioned)and for some reason all the games they have here even the classics are still 50 cents for whatever reason. I still recommend this place however if you're ever by this location.
2001-04-09JoeWow! This a great arcade and a very rare find! Many classic games inside a shopping mall! As we all know malls usually have only new games but this one is an obvious exception and it has many great classic games as well as ome middle aged games too. The only problem with this place is that all of the games they have including the true classics are all 50 cents for some reason.

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