Carousel Family Entertainment (CLOSED)

Seaside Heights, New Jersey, USA
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Location games last seen on:2015-09
Last change to this page:2011-01

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Comments on This Location
2016-10-12Olympianbabe@mamacita No unfortunately a fire burned it down in fall 2013
2015-06-07mamacitaI can remember the arcade in seaside park funtown pier do they still have an arcade wit those games in it?
2014-03-25OlympianbabeGot to ride the carousel there last summer :)
2013-09-14JanetCarousel Family Entertainment is gone. There was fire on the boardwalk on September 12.
2010-08-13JoeI just made another visit to this place last month, and it's still pretty good, though they did get rid of a few of their classic games that they recently had, and changed the location of them, as previously stated. However, it's still highly recommended, and you obviously won't find too many arcades like these anymore! I made an update submission to Tony P. when I last came here, and hopefully this site finally gets updated again very soon!
2010-08-10Gil VelezThis arcade is still going strong in 2010. They moved it to other side of arcade but still called flashbacks and still have incredible selection of games.
2009-07-07Victor H. MarsilloI just have to say, my wife and I stumbled upon this arcade for the first time last year and we were overjoyed to be able to play the old coin-ops that we used to play as children. It brought back a flood of memories and just by standing there, looking around, we were able to imagine that we were back in our beloved '80s. This arcade is the main reason we'll be going to Seaside this summer. Thanks, Joe!
2008-06-09DrewPlayland 70's and 80's was my place to go. Stayed in OB unit 1. I want to thank the owners of all these arcades in seaside and others for bringing joy and continuing their legecy today... I can still picture Playlands Juke Box on the right as you walk in next to the railing. Genesis or ozzy playin....great memories ty
2008-02-24goombaWow, this place is in a time warp. Was able to play my 2 favorites from the 80's- Spyhunter and was like riding a bike again!!!
2007-12-20warren danielsit is a great place to play 80s games i live in st augustine fl now but i visit family in nj every time i go back i go right to flashbacks and play my favorite games like robotron and berzerk i have pinball machines in my house like silverball mania, firepower,playboy you should have older pinball machines i will be up in march to play more games keep this place going
2007-11-26nj number 1 game playerthis is another fantastic place and the owners try to be as helpful as possible.i want to ask joe a question and this will prove if you are a game you know the name of a 60s pinball game thats a horse racing game?
2007-09-23JoeWell it's good that this website has been updated once again for the first time in a while. In case anyone here is interested, the list of classic games to this place is almost accurate, and there's only two things wrong with it. This arcade no longer has Commando, but does still have Paperboy though. I just e-mailed Tony. P about this, so he can correct it when he gets around to doing the updates again. I thought I'd let everyone here know just in case about which classic games are still here though.
2007-08-19JoeI got to make another visit here last week, and as it turned out, this place actually has more classics on the list than it currently does. There's three games listed here which this arcade no longer has, but there is also four classic games currently not listed that this place has. I told Tony P. about this, and hopefully he gets around to updating this site soon, once he gets around to fixing it up and all. It just looks like this place has less classics than on the list, with how the machines are set up and all, and there's also more pinball machines in the classic game section of this arcade as well, as they make it appear that there's less classic games here than there actually are. I'll leave it to Tony P. to reveal what classics this location has, and no longer contains, and I can still gladly recommend this arcade to any hardcore fans of classic arcade games, (despite the minor flaws some of the older games here unfortunately have, which as we all know is all too common with twenty something year old arcade machines). I just wish there were more arcades in NJ like this (and anywhere else for that matter), as good arcades like these with so many fine classic games have unfortunately been a dying breed for many years now, as have arcades in general.
2007-08-19Richard M.Joe, what are the three classic games that were removed, and which four have been added?
2007-07-11JoeWell I got to make another visit here today for the first time in a while, and this arcade is still good, but not quite what it used to be. A few games on the list are now gone, and I submitted them to Tony P., though I could be wrong about which ones I think are no longer here, and hopefully someone else can confirm which games they do and don't have in case I was wrong once the update is made. As for the games they still have here, a few of them weren't working (I can't remember which ones exactly though), and some had bad monitors, or controls. The joysticks on Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. were kind of loose (especially on Donkey Kong), which made them kind of hard to play to an extent, but were still playable for the most part. Also on the Ultracade machine (which I didn't play), two buttons were stuck, as the second one on the top of player 1's side was stuck, as was the first one on the top of player 2's side. Overall though, this is still the best arcade in Seaside, though that's not saying much at all, since good arcades here (and almost anywhere else I go) seem to be few and far between these days. While this arcade isn't quite as good as it used to be, it's still a good one to visit if you like classic arcade games, despite not having as many classics as before, not to mention the problems I mentioned that some of the games here have and all.
2007-07-01grafix721Defender no longer there...
2007-06-14BrianThe last bastion of classic arcade gaming on the Jersey Shore! Thank you for all your work keeping these games going. I live in San Diego, (where there are no arcades at all apparently) but I grew up in Point Pleasant and always hung our at Seaside and Point Beach boardwalks. Now I come back to visit freinds and family and the boardwalks are not what they used to be. All the arcades seem to have replaced their games with row after row of stupid skill cranes with iPod Shuffles in them that cost $5 a pop!!! The only thing that never changes on the boardwalk are the girls with the giant HAIR. What is up with that? But I digress... It's true the games are not in perfect condition, but were they ever in the 80's?!? I hope Star Wars is working on my next visit. Tempest had to suffice this time and it worked great. Thanks Again
2007-05-26MichaelIts all the way in the back where it says Flashbacks. Most of the machines conditions are bad on the outside but the games work okay. I didn't like how the Galaga machine worked.
2007-03-24MikeTHIS IS MY FAVORITE ARCADE!!!!! Although, they should host tourtaments like they do in Funspot.
2006-07-03RowellConcluding with the comment, this is the only arcade that carries the most classics in Seaside. I agree with many of the comments below as these managers have maintained these arcades very well. Highly recommended.
2006-06-28RowellHate to break it to all classic gamers, but there's much less classic arcades than what it was mentioned on the list. Some part of the retro section is now filled with pinball machines.
2005-12-20robin.gThis is THE best retro/classic arcade I have ever seen. Original cabinets, no wiggly screens, no bootlegs. Quality stuff!
2005-03-24alexiusWent there last summer. great fun. I just wish I had more time. I hope this place never changes and get a few more games as some on the list weren't there. Fun Fun Fun. Highly recommended
2004-09-22KyleNo Keith, everything is only a quarter.
2004-08-22keithis this a place like TNT where you have to be in a party to play games or is it a walk-in arcade?
2004-01-21JrcHEY, JOE ! Sorry for venting, but as I said before we try! Some people you just can't reach !!!To answer your question..Most of our games were warehoused, after the 80's boom,in the area that they are featured now.(Covered & un-touched) The others were traded, and or purchaced from TNT Amusements in Southampton PA. They have been in business for 25 years. If anyone wants an older game in MINT or NEAR MINT condition. This is the place to go. Here's a secret! They are responsible for all of the Chasis caps, board maint. new parts, and allow us to run OUR show like it was back in the late 70's.No time to do it myself anymore with a family to look out for... Check them out at TNTAMUSEMENTS.COM You won't believe what you see. Keep up the good work!!Joe, I hope to see you in 2004, as for the PSYCOS. LIGHT'N up..........OR AT BEST,BUY ONE OF YOUR OWN MACHINES, that way, when you incur problems, you can hear yourself complain. Then you can tell yourself, as I do to your kind, GET A LIFE, ITS A @$^&#@%*( GAME ) JC
2004-01-13JcTo all of those that posted...... Thank you !!! EVERYONE... I'm one of the owners of The Carousel Fun Center. and it was through my Grand-Pop who passed this business on to me,that said. " The best paycheck you can receive,is by listening to those that pay it." I just came upon this site, and thank you for what you do. To any one who found a problem with a game of ours...We Are Sorry... However,To the others, YOU KNOW WHO!!! Lightn up. Seems to me nothing on GODS GREEN EARTH EXCEPT A BRAND NEW CRATED,PRISTINE,ECT...ECT VIDEO GAME ) that is left for you to complain about...YOU PEOPLE HAVE ISSUES. As for those that don't...Please enjoy the games for what they are, and respect those that try to preserve them. As for those who want an UN-SQUEEKY Joy-stick on a 25 year old game...Time To Grow UP !!!! Please feel free to display your commentary, as I have never had the pleasure of hearing it in person in our place of business... SEE YA SOON. JC
2003-11-18JoeJust so everyone here knows, this arcade does not have two Millipede games as listed. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
2003-09-30RegusI used to work in this arcade all through out highschool, and I can tell you from experience that all the machines here are in great condition and are always being worked on, so if you had any problems with anything chances are it will be fixed by now. You'd be surprised how shoddy some people treat these classic machines. Hell, I've seen the controller on the old Atari Starwars machine snapped off because some body decided twist it as hard as he could. Anyway, definetly check this place out if your in the area, they've done a wonderful job allocating all these great games and you'd be hard pressed to find a better collection of classic games in the area.
2003-09-22datacodeTheir Tempest machine was out of order and the Donkey Kong controller was a bit flakey. The rest of the machines that we played were pretty good (Ms. PacMan, Asteroids, Q*Bert, Star Wars, Galaga, Millipede, Robotron, Spy Hunter). I believe they also had a Centipede game which isn't listed above. We had a great time at this place!
2003-07-31JoeRichard, you are right about this arcade. Despite the good amount of classics, it does have it's flaws (not that it's their fault, since it has nothing to do with the parking prices, or the big crowds), but the early closing time that they have during the non summer/tourist season really gets on my nerves. All in all though, this is clearly the best arcade on Seaside, if you like classics games like most of us do, and it is one that any hardcore gamer should check out anytime. Also did you let Tony P. know about the two classics you discovered there (Gyruss, and Robotron), that are currently not on the list? If you didn't, please let him know, so he can add them soon.
2003-07-31Richard M.Yes, the huge crowds that I mentioned apply more to Seaside Heights rather than just this one arcade. On a hot Saturday evening, everybody in New Jersey (and based on license plates a number of people from Pennsylvania and New York) converges there. Hence it's crowded and parking lot attendants can charge a premium. But I still had a good time and I'll be back the next time I have an excuse to be in NJ during the summer.
2003-07-29Richard M.Made a relatively uncommon trip to NJ this past Saturday, and on my way to Atlantic City took a detour to Seaside Heights to locate this arcade. After an enjoyable walk along a very crowded Boardwalk, I finally located this place with the word "Carousel" in the name. It had Tempest, Galaga, Millipede, Ms. Pac-Man, Cabal, and Star Wars (among others) as listed on this page. The arcade also had Gyruss and Robotron as well. Tempest had graphics that were slightly faint and distorted but game play was excellent. Gyruss had a banged-up joystick which was not completely reliable (I still turned the game over). I played a few games of Tempest and one game of Gyruss, and would have checked out the arcade games a bit more except that I looked at my watch and realized my parking meter was about to expire! (It had expired by the time I got back to my car, but fortunately nobody else - like a cop - noticed. Whew! Then it was off to A.C.) All in all this is a very good arcade, but with no free parking available, huge summertime crowds, and - based on one of Joe's previous posts - inconvenient off-season hours.
2003-04-28JoeI just made another visit here the a few days ago, and they did have some more classics that are currently not listed. Unfortunately during this time of year, they close this arcade at 5:00 and I didn't get to play many games here due to the way too early closing time. It's good news that they do keep on adding classics at this place, and hopefully more will follow. Wait and see what other classics will soon be added to this list!
2003-04-01JoeWent back here recently, and they did add a few more classics. I think they actually may have more than this, and I plan on going back here soon, so I'll know for sure what other games they may have here that I missed. The real highlight of this arcade in my opinion is the 80's music they play here (it really gets me pumped up when I play the games at this place) and this is really by far the #1 arcade for classics on the Seaside Boardwalk. If you ever vist the Seaside Boardwalk to look for classic games, then stop here and don't look back. You'll be very impressed with this arcade if you love classics.
2003-01-16JoeDid they actually add more classics here recently? I haven't been here in a few months, so I'm curious. It would be great if they did, since they have quite a few classics here already, and adding more would only make it better. It's too bad that there's no other good arcades in Seaside like this, that have many classics in it (although this place does have some decent new games too). If anyone as any other info about this place please post it up. If not I'll do it myself next time I visit this place.
2002-09-19JoeI just e-mailed to Tony P. an update to this place on what games they do and don't have so hopefully the complete list to this place will be up in a few days.
2002-09-10JoeThis is by far and out the best place to go for to play classic arcade games in Seaside(All of the other arcades here have seemed to go the way of having only new games which is a shame). The 80's music they play gets you right into the spirit and all of those classic games we all know and love are right here including an Ultracade machine! However I noticed soem erros on the list of games they have here. For one they also have Vs. Excitebike game and they also have a Vs. Super Mario Bros. game too. Another thing that I noticed is that they do not have a Golden Axe game but they do have a Golden Axe: The Revenge Of Death Adder game that last time I checked was currently not working.
2002-09-10JoeI forgot to mention that they also have a Kung Fu Master,a Punch Out,Space Invaders Deluxe,and a Tapper game here too. Next time I go here I will make a list of all of the classic games they have here and I will submit it to Tony P. Hopefully he'll see these comments and add these games onto the list of the classic games that they have here.
2002-09-09HomerjayAn excellent arcade called 'flashbacks' inside the usual redemption machines. 80's music and games, plus a big screen utlracade.

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