Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Location games last seen on:2009-02
Last change to this page:2009-05

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Asteroids Centipede Galaga Gorf
Missile Command Moon Patrol Ms. Pac-Man Space Invaders

Comments on This Location
2010-03-15RifterWent there before the end of 2009 (before xmas) and Missile Command had a couple of free credits in it! I don't have an exact listing of what they did/didn't have, but, I will say they have more classics (about 8-10) here than most any other Gameworks locations (around 4 or 5) I've seen.
2001-11-18leslie m collins**** man will therer every be arcade in vega s with claasic no more am bored with fighting and racking and all this new shit god leeeeeeee
2001-11-02leslie m collinsi what more classic game at game works pleaseeee
2001-10-28Richard M.Visited Gameworks while I was on vacation, about two weeks ago. I saw a Space Invaders game there. I did not see Moon Patrol, and did not go into the bar to verify Asteroids. I was not impressed with the place, due to the condition of the games. The graphics for Robotron were awful, as I kept seeing flashing pink lights rather than the black background, making the game impossible to play. The joystick on Ms. Pac-Man was unreliable, and I had rather poor games.
2001-07-14leslie collinsi wish laser disc games like cobracommand and every game on klov was there
2001-05-13Tony PI'll be there at the end of June, I'll take a look. :)
2001-05-09GriggiAre the classics still there? Someone told me they got rid of them. Anyone?
2001-04-11Surfer JoeIf you go to Vegas Gameworks, go for the last two hours prior to closing (roughly 10:00pm). They have a special where you pay $15 and you get to play unlimited until they close. Any game!
2001-02-04Wesley FerrisJust remember that some of these games are in some very funky cabinets, not the originals, they are half the size of an upright and are 25".

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