Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-12
Last change to this page:2006-04

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1943 The Battle Of Midway Asteroids Berzerk Centipede
Crystal Castles Defender Frogger Galaga
Gauntlet Moon Patrol Ms. Pac-Man Pole Position
Smash TV Star Wars Super Mario Bros. Track & Field

Comments on This Location
2007-09-16Richard M.Made my first visit to Barcade. The games are in good working order, except for Galaga and Gauntlet; the sluggish response of Galaga's joystick was a major hindrance to play on that game. When I played Gauntlet, I could not get Wizard to move or shoot diagonally. Galaga actually had three games programmed in that cabinet: Galaga, Galaga 3, and Galaxian. In addition to games mentioned by prior posters to this thread, Barcade also has Robotron and Pengo. The Crystal Castles machine worked fine.
2006-11-11AnonymousBarcade is fantasic! Top-shelf games in good working order with excellent beer. It is highly recommended.
2006-05-14pilsteryou forgot all the best games! Crystal Castles is broken, but Qbert and Punch Out are there with many more which are not mentioned. Zaxxon,Rolling Thunder, etc. They have about 25 games and awesome beer. I suggest Allagash Grand Cru and Fisherman IPA.
2005-12-05The WBAlso Crystal Castles and Konami Track & Field (although naturally the combination of a game that requires constant button-slamming, a killer selection of beers, and neighborhood of partying hipsters without day jobs makes for a lot of Out Of Order signs on that machine).
2005-05-03JTBSweet place, also has Ms. PacMan, Smash TV, Asteroids, Star Wars, Berzerk, Defender, Gauntlet, Pole Position, and many others.

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