Fantasy Raceways

Rochester, New York, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-02
Last change to this page:2005-03

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Atari Football Battlezone Centipede Dexlue Asteroids
Discs Of Tron Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Junior Galaga
Klax Missile Command Monaco GP Mr. Do!
Ms. Pac-Man Pole Position II Qix Race Drivin'
Robotron: 2084 Sea Wolf Space Invaders Deluxe Stargate
Super Hang-On Tempest Tetris Tron
Virtua Racing

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Comments on This Location
2012-11-19bill hicksone time i was at this place and saw rodger kissing some black guy....your out dodger
2012-11-18scot myronber ber berrrrrrrrrrrrrr rodger dodgerrrr
2010-02-14Friday NightersFantasy Raceways is truly a treasure! There is no other place like this on the planet. It is very rare to find a real arcade, let alone one that preserves the look and atmosphere of the ones of the Golden Age (of Video Arcade Games). If you love and appreciate the classic arcade games from the 80's like I do, you will love this place! It has all of my favorites including Donkey Kong, Missile Command, Galaga, and many more. Thanks for keeping this place awesome, Rodger. We'll see you on Friday!
2007-11-19RodgerThe Fantasy Raceways Website Was Totatly Re-Done Earlier This Year, If You Haven't Been To It In A While,Check It Out !!
2006-12-20joshi have been coming here with my friend kyle lately i love the place...even though i have blowing my money on slot car parts its ok bc i enjoy it.. i love the video games to
2006-05-21SteveJust when i thought the golden age was dead, i found this place. rodger keeps his arcade machines in mint condition not to mention his boundless knowledge and fantastic attitude. thanks for the link rodger!
2006-02-21Aaron Van Noy of www.sellagame.comI stumbled upon Fantasy Raceways one evening and have been addicted ever sense! Don’t let the name fool you, they have more then just racing. With a good selection of pinball machines, HUGE selection of coin operated video arcade games to choose from to play, this is a place you will not get board of any time soon! With a super friendly atmosphere I highly recommend this place for all your family’s fun needs! If you’re a kid, an adult “kid at heart” or just love retro games and even modern games it’s a MUST SEE place! Keep up the great work! Thanks, Aaron Van Noy
2005-03-08Paul RFantasy Raceways is a great place for running slot cars and playing classic arcade games. I'm a 40+ year old kid who's loved arcades and amusement games my whole life. Fantasy Raceways has a great slot car track and an excellent selection of classic videos, newer videos, and pinball machines in great shape! Classic games include Space Invaders, Ms Pacman, Missile Command, Galaga, Tempest, Centipede, Stargate, Robitron, and Tron to name a few, plus countless driving games. Me and my girlfriend, a 29+ year old kid, spent 2 hours there and had a blast! All for a very reasonable amount of money. I highly recommend this place for those who like to have fun! It has a very nice atmosphere. There were lots of adults, families, and kids having fun! Just as we were leaving a birthday party was arriving and the kids were astonished with the place!
2005-02-03Avram BermanI have enjoyed my visits to Fantasy Raceways. Playing Discs of Tron Environmental is very satisfying - one of my all time favorites as a youth. My comments would not be complete if I did not reflect about Rodger - a class act through & through. Very generous and kind ~ the real deal Thank you for all of your help ~ Avram (aj)
2004-12-28Rodger Just a quick note from the owner, The Race Drivin's are Two Dedicated Cockpits Linked Together.They are the 3.2 software versions which show the Actual Traffic in the rear view mirror (the 3.1 and lower software versions show the rearview mirror but it is "Blank")
2003-10-08Missle Command BobI used to just get into the H/O stuff and visit Rodger every once and a while when he was over on East Ridge rd. Now that his place has moved closer to me, Im hooked on the 1/24th stuff. The Hill climb is really fun and extremely Fast. I cant put enough high scores on Missle Command and I challenge any one to come out and top my score. The score is not that great but it would be a challenge for me. Come on over to Fantasy Raceway and put your self back into the past!! you will have a blast!!
2003-08-06Josh & AlexEven though we have lived in Rochester for several years, we found Fantasy Raceways through this database. Everything said on this webspace is true. My girlfriend and I went last week for the first time and had great fun playing all the games from our childhood as well as playing some ones we never even got around to. Rodger was extremely nice and everything is kept in such wonderful condition. We'll definitely be going back in the near future.
2003-06-26SaraABWow! This place is incredible, if you want to play classic games this is the place to go, all machines are in pristine condition, and the pac man and tempest have clay's multi kits so you can play more games, but the games still look original, too bad this place is 2hrs from my house, i would go there lots if it was closer! Rodger the owner is really cool as well, he has lots of interesting arcade books and cool arcade memorbilia as well
2003-03-27ScooterIt's simple, get some quarters (cheap!) and get over to Fantasy Raceways / arcade. I know of no other place where right between Virtua Racing and Daytona USA you can find "Sea Wolf!" It reminds me of the old days at Skateland in Glens Falls, NY when I was a kid, by the way Rodge knows '70's roller rink disco like it's nobody's business. I like to race my slot cars and blow lots of money on slot car parts, but "Mrs Scooter" loves her Centipede and Ms. Pac Man. Hey, life is good!!!
2002-12-30DaronThe raceway is not only a place to race slotcars it is a place for the person that wants to go back a few years and play the games that you remember from your childhood. There is no shortage of games to play and they are all the original games at the original price. The games are all in quality condition and you get addicted to playing like you were a kid again. Instead of waiting for my parents to find me and pull me out like when I was a kid, now my wife is the one waiting on me. My favorite games are Galaga and Centipede and Roger is always there for a good game of challenge on Monaco GP
2002-06-03BruceHe now also has a Tempest with clay's multi tempest kit in it.It rocks.Great to be able to play Vector Breakout.Great place to go.He has to put a couple of more in there.LOL
2002-05-22Rick SigouinI only live about 5 miles from this place. Great games, one of the only places I know of that have a Monaco GP small size. Loved that game as a kid and I love stopping by and plugging a few quarters in.
2002-05-19Tom L.After reading about Fantasy Raceways here, I got in the car and headed right over. Wow! All the comments here are right on...Roger is very friendly, and more than willing to chat about the classics. His collection is amazing...this was the first time I've ever seen an environmental Discs of Tron, very cool game. I played some Galaga too, and got an honest 160,200. Not bad for me. Roger was hosting a youngster's birthday party today, and it was cool to see these really young kids having a blast with the classics. I'll definitely be going back!
2002-03-04ScottThe first time I visited Fantasy Raceways about a month ago the comment I had left did not do it justice. Since then I have been visiting about 3-4 times a week. Rodger the owner has an incredible classic video game collection, the best I have ever seen or played. He has a real passion for classic arcade games, and provides a friendly, fun atmosphere for all ages. It is worth the trip from anywhere! Also, give the slot car track a try, you'll be hooked. Thank you Rodger!!!
2002-03-03Eric & Michelle (ENM)(continued)The care and attention to the guests and games (history, detail, quality) sets this apart from anything! I tripled my personal best at Galaga (110K). Something great in the air at Fantasy. If you live in the Northeast, get here soon. (If you don't, Rochester has an airport! :)
2002-03-03Eric & Michelle (ENM)wow-woW-wOW-WOW!!! This is great! I traveled to Fantasy Raceway (75 miles) after reading about it here. Brought my wife and 13 year-old daughter. We had a blast. The owner is the best! My wife was thrilled to land HiScore on Centipede. We were treated like honored guests, not just customers. (cont’d…
2002-02-24BrianI paid another visit to see Rodger and had another blast while doing so. Whether your into pinball, classic vids, or them cool sit-in driving games, you will definitely have some fun in this place. It is literally packed from wall to wall with awesome machines. He has recently acquired a Robotron vid which I haven't played in about 2 decades. I am guessing that the high score that I put up of like 960,000 will probably last another 2 decades. Hopefully Rodger doesnt take me down !!
2002-02-14robsmall but sweet. nuff said. get over there.
2002-02-13BillA friend took me to Roger's place last night. I was in complete awe of his collection. I can not remember seeing games in this collection ever before, even when i was a kid. It was quite an experience to play the classics again. Roger had just got a Robotron in the store. Playing it brought back some good memories. This is a must see collection of arcade classics. The store is very easy to get to. If you are in the area, stopping there is a must!!
2002-02-10ScottFantastic classic arcade game collection. Very fun gaming establishment.
2001-11-21BruceGreat place to go all the games there are in great quality and quantity.A+++ with a great feel to it.The owner is really nice.Ah! the games all are in A+ to B+ condition.A couple more of the classics and the place would be a gold mine.I want to go to like every couple of weeks.Must see.
2001-08-07GraemeI stopped by Rodger's place this weekend with some friends of mine and I have to say that he has one of the finest collections of classic arcade machines that I have ever seen. The games were really in the finest condition, there has obviously been a lot of love and skill been put into maintaining them. I can't tell you how great it felt to get my hands on the big trackball of Missle Command just one more time, or to climb into the booth and hurl the discs of Tron just like I did when I was a kid. I think Ron spent about an hour just playing Stunt Drivin' by himself. I was more into the shooters, like Galaxian and Galaga. Also, the old version of Sea Wolf with the periscope and everything kicked major ass. I couldn't believe my eyes. Rodger, the owner is extremely nice and knowledgeable about his games. He had tips for us about how to get higher scores, what were the best tracks to pick on the race games and little tricks to get the most out of the games. Who would have known that throwing the gearshift into neutral on Stunt Drivin' would let you coast about 10 times as far after your gas ran out, I know that tip got me across the checkpoint several times. I highly recommend checking this place out if you're into classic games. You won't be disappointed. ps - I tripled the high score on Galaga, I rule.
2001-08-05RonGreat place, and as mentioned in the other comment, the games are all in excellent shape. I highly recommend checking it out!
2001-08-05JayYea Ron, i saw you there today. I was sorta stalking you, but i guess i blew my cover now. You spent 5 hours there. I thought i was going to get bored, but i was excited, almost missed you leaving the arcade. It was fun.
2000-10-24BrianHere is a great place for all of you classic vid lover's to go if you want to see a nice collection of oldies in really nice shape. You normally don't see the classics as nice as these. The owner ( Rodger ) is a real gentleman and truly enjoys meeting and talking with fellow collector's. Be sure to check his place out. And by the way, he also has an Asteroids Deluxe ( my favorite ) that isnt listed on the main menu.

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