Quakertown Farmers Market

Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA
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Location games last seen on:2004-01
Last change to this page:2004-04

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Centipede Ms. Pac-Man Paperboy

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2007-05-11lolFIRE, FIRE!
2007-05-10KPwell well Tony, long time no geek, i mean speak....Quakertown Farmers Market burned down...it happened about 3 months ago you idiot [Their website is www.quakertownfarmersmkt.com. No mention of it burning down; there is mention of it being renovated as of the first of this year. Their telephone number is 215/536-4115 call for verification! Considering KP's prior comments and/or comments from the same computer, I consider his claim to be utter bullsh*t! -- RWM]
2004-03-11KyleI submited everything tough guy...........Dont stick up for your BOYFRIEND..........Tony is a Beotch, and so are YOU!!!!!!!!!! [Let's try to keep the dialogue a little more civil, okay? -- RWM]
2004-03-11KyleI'll kick your Ass in Ms. Pacman too, NERD

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