Bally's Le Mans
(Crossroads Mall)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
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Location games last seen on:2008-01
Last change to this page:2001-08

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Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981

Comments on This Location
2009-01-16ashley...yes the arcade closed on july 28 2008. and i cried thst final day. i loved that place. worked there for 6+ years. and the reason of the downfall wasnt the fault of the employees it was the company. they made us close down 3rd level and they didnt wanna pay for new carpet and all our new games went to other arcades and casinos. im pissed that its gone and if i could id bringit back the way it was. back in the day when we made the money. if anyone has pics of how it used to look id appreciate them.
2008-09-02RifterI can also vouch the arcade is currently closed. Today I went by and got a couple of snapshots.. I've also read a few other blogs sites about this, but I must say I really am feeling down. No matter what people may say, Le Mans/Speedway is, and will always be sorely missed by myself and many other bloggers out that did enjoy going and playing DDR, and the prize games. :(
2008-08-27Todd HThis arcade was closed down recently.
2008-04-02markySad to hear about Bally LeMans. Haven't been there for a good 5 years, admittedly. At the time they had very few classics. Man, 20 years ago you could find a LeMans aracde in such towns as Ponca City for example. Good times gone by, never to return.
2008-02-13RifterUsed to have lots of classics, all the classic games it has of late (2008) is literally the 1 Ms.Pac Man/Galaga Class of '81. They used to have plenty of pinball and other classics on the upper floor... Now there is no pinball, and the upper floor is just a mess of games that are off or non-working games. Most of the video games that do work there presently are Car Driving and Gun Games (Time Crisis 2, 3, 4 kinda games), and plenty of Prize Claws, Stacker and DDR. Be careful of the 'slot machines' one will not work at all and the other only occasionally. They do have plenty of fighting games (Street Fighter 3rd Strike and Tekken)..Literally half of their skee-ball and ticket game dispensers are broken! It isn't uncommon to see kids stealing tickets out of the basketball ticket games by standing on the side and waving their hand rapidly in front of the backboard/net sensor. Sad to see the state it is in since I've been going there off and on my whole life (20+ years)..Maybe it will improve, it is the only real arcade left on the South side of OKC, (until you get towards Moore/Norman area).

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