Skylon Tower (bottom)

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
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Location games last seen on:2000-04
Last change to this page:2000-10

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After Burner (cockpit)Clutch HitterFinal LapFour Trax
G-LOC (cockpit)Galaxy Force II (cockpit)Hang-On (ride on)Hard Drivin' (cockpit)
High Impact FootballMoto FrenzyPower Drift (cockpit)Space Harrier (cockpit)
Super Monaco GP (cockpit)Thunder Blade (cockpit)Turbo Out Run (cockpit)WGP (ride on)

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Comments on This Location
2008-08-08jarrrod shislerthis place is shit now my father owned it when it was good then he passed away and evrey thing got sold i miss going there and the rides
2006-07-23DanI am just looking for somewhere to buy Techno's arcade machine WWF Wretslefest! HA. :)
2003-08-25A tollboothI used to go to the skylon arcade when it was good and it was like heaven now it super shit. i dont get it
2002-12-03Phila year ago this arcade was a nightmare but they seem to have revamped it in the last year since i went now they have some decent games to play, the Ms pacman/galaga and multi link daytona being my favouries, DDR is also a good one
2002-06-12SaraABick! grafitti, remind me to bring my cleaning supplies when i go there next, i should be able to get it off, i can clean pretty much anything is it paint, or just marker or something?
2002-06-06aramisman, this arcade needs some HELP. Kinda dark and danky, really bad conversions, a lot of busted games needing repairs (broken shifters, etc)...and yup, the AfterBurner is still busted. It has junk (and graffiti!) on the screen, and has the coin slots taped off. definitely NOT worth the trip, in my opinion...
2002-03-27SaraHELP THIS ARCADE! someone anyone help, its a disaster, they need an army of techs to fix all the stuff thats broken, they also need new management or something like that, because they dont even keep the ticket booth open all the time! oh yeah and the worst thing, THE AFTER BURNER COCKPIT IS DEAD! (im pretty sure its unfixable this time)
2001-11-24JoeThis arcade BLOWS!!!!
2001-11-06tomthey should built a amusement park like they had was maple leaf village they had a lot of people there.if they do that again they will get more people.
2001-11-06tommythere should be more games in the skylon. all of these years i been there it was so fun now it seems like its dead.they want to put hotels on the top of the sklon.there is too many hotels in niagra falls.stop builting hotels there is no more room.soon they r probably going to built hotels on the falls?
2001-08-08Just a Local Falls DudeWell im sorry to say, but the arcade is just pitiful. Well comon really, a freaking toonie for 3 or even 4 min of play. Games that have nothing do to with strategy concept, or even remotely a learning experience. Basically its get the job done, blow the guy up, get to the checkpoint, complete objective in (comon take a guess) hehe a certain amount of time. Other words a waste of my damn time. Sure there good time killers when you need em to be, but not like when i was a kid, a rode my BMX from kalar road all the way to the Skylon on Murray Hill, just to play in the arcarde with nothing more than 5 dollars im my pocket. Not to mention 5 dollars gives you 4 dollars of tokens, wow what a deal!! LMFAO really im really LMFAO........pitiful
2001-05-01John ShieldsIt's a crying shame what has happened to pinball in this country of canada. Another arcade with no pinball machines.
2000-10-17Sara3 words: MOTION COCKPIT HEAVEN! (all of them are in nice condition cept for the power drift and the space harrier is real nice!) the power drift makes a weird, loud noise when you play it and has no sound. The galaxy force is real nice too!

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