R.O.N.'s Virtual World

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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Location games last seen on:2001-12
Last change to this page:2002-01

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Final Lap 2G-LOC (cockpit)Ms. Pac-ManRace Drivin'
S.T.U.N. Runner (cockpit)Spy HunterSunset Riders

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Comments on This Location
2013-02-27caitlin morrow i want to go to that plase to do lazer tag.
2010-11-24mz hizzrons really needs some new games, ive been playing the same gaems forever now, how about some guitar hero? or, some better prizes?
2010-01-25yourmom.comRONS IS THE SHIZZZZZZ :D i love it there and i would never give it up :)
2009-07-13ElkI haven't been in years. Last time I was their it was mostly "skill" games to get tickets for 25c items, with some classics. Are there any new games there?
2009-07-07KarZimI need the times for R.O.N.S Virtual World. Me and my friends plan to go there soon. So when is it open?
2009-06-09Kelsey Parsons SO i am from out of town and march break i came to visit some friends in thunderbay. Both him and his sister work here.. Marcus and sanna. i have to admit that Ron's is SOOOOO much funn!!!
2008-12-08AnonymousSure is awesome around here XD
2008-05-17artie johnsonInitial D2 twin is back Max Tunes 3 twin driver Great gun games as Buck Hunter, Extreme Hunting, House of the Dead 3 , Vampire Night, Time Crisis 2 and 3, Trophy Hunting and Silent Scope. Rons Rocks!
2008-03-10Michellei love DDR im pro at it...i bet half the people there will know who i am now xD rons is the best ever...so is Laser Tag..:P
2007-10-20nathanrons is crazy fun
2007-10-02Reija the KittyFASCINATION JAMES IS AWESOME.
2007-08-21czSO MUCH FUN, me and my friends go there all the time !!
2007-05-30JasmineRON'S IT WICKED FUNN!
2007-04-03MILLSit's sounds cool becaus ei a'm the best at race car drivi ng when it comes to stick
2007-02-08sbarryron's virtual is fun because, when you play laser tag it's like playing halo, or gears of war.You get to use guns and inside it is dark.I can't wait until I go again. P.S YOU PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE R.O.N'S ARE MISSING ALL THE FUN!!! BYE.
2007-02-02Sanna <33I dont care what people think, I like Ronz, It's fun to go there. I really dont care though if you say you hate it, casue it could be better, but think, there is many games there, if you dont like rons virtual world, then my oppinion is that your REALLY picky.
2007-01-20mimi556it is coucou and noisy
2006-11-27DylanI love Ron's Virtual World! My favourite game there is Race Drivin'. I love driving stick!
2006-10-04fsdghjklhorrible arcade, antiquated games, nothing of interest aside from possibly DDR. it's the only real arcade in the entire city, which is disappointing, but the LU games room at least has something going for it.
2006-10-02Reija the KittyHehe I own and furries rock, oh! and rons is cool too :3
2006-08-09BlankoThis place has exactly the classic games listed. Laser Tag is an overpriced waste of time, but STUN RUNNER will forever rule my heart.
2005-03-11JThis place is pretty good. The Laser Tag arena is a little small, but all in all this is good place to go and place games if your in Thunderbay.

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