All Star Sports Lounge
(Must be 21 to enter)
Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
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Location games last seen on:2004-06
Last change to this page:2004-07

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Asteroids Dexlue Asteroids Multi Pac Rad Mobile
Raiden Sky Shark Tetris

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2006-10-04BVDGreetings from Taipei, Taiwan. In 15 hours I will be on a plane headed for SFO, a 13 hour non-stop flight. Can't wait for a good Long Island! No such drink here in Taipei. I get to experience the Asian paradox today. I leave Taiwan at 8pm on Thursday and arrive at SFO 3pm Thursday. In other words, I arrive at SFO before I departed Taiwan. See ya Friday.
2006-08-14Next to Belize - San Pedro - Best bar I 've ever bHi L. John from Belize. Gonna do radical tomorrow...head south to Placencia Belize with no reservation. See Ya on Saturday....8/19.

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