Ground Kontrol
(511 NW Couch, new as of Mar 2005)
Portland, Oregon, USA
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Location games last seen on:2007-05
Last change to this page:2007-06

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Arkanoid Assault Asteroids Battlezone
Bubbles Burgertime Buster Bros. Centipede
Championship Sprint Crystal Castles Defender Dig Dug
Discs Of Tron Donkey Kong Donkey Kong 3 Dr. Mario
Frogger Galaga Galaga '88 Gauntlet II
Ghosts 'n Goblins Gorf Joust Jr. Pac-Man
Mario Bros. Millipede Missile Command Moon Patrol
Ms. Pac-Man Multi Pac (24+ types) Multi Williams (Str,Bub,Robo,Jst,Def,Sin,Spl) Multicade (Ark, Milli, Centi, Cry Cas)
Pac-Man Pac-Man Plus Paperboy Pole Position (cockpit)
Popeye Punch-Out!! Q*Bert Raiden II
Robotron: 2084 Scramble (cocktail) Sinistar Splat
Spy Hunter Star Wars Stargate Starship I
Super Pac-Man Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tempest Tetris
The Simpsons Toobin' Track & Field

Comments on This Location
2014-11-14JoshI just looked on the website and the only Pac-Man games they have are the Pac-Man Battle Royale and two Ms. Pac-Man machines. Pac-Man however is available on the Namco Classics machine. I dont know if they still have that, but it was in a video on YouTube. I would still like to go there one day. Ive been to Portland many times.
2014-10-31Wile E. CoyoteThey also have the Pac-Man Battle Royale.
2014-10-30JoshMan, I would love to go there and play all the Pac-Man games.
2013-01-02WaGuy1Went here in 2011 and 2012. They had Smash TV (awesome) and Rampage. It was the new version of rampage, not the old goodie.
2008-02-07JeffWas looking for places to play where I live now and stumbled across this web site. Used to live in Portland and loved both the old and new locations for Ground Kontrol. Have seriously thought about putting out some money and trying to copy their model in other cities I have lived in because it was such a classic arcade reminiscent of the ones I went to as a kid in the 80s. Can't beat it, if you go to Portland you MUST go to Ground Kontrol.
2008-01-04alexVisited this arcade on jan 2 2007, and this is certainly the best arcade I have visited in Oregon, (and I went to a few), great games, great staff, and was really special. It was really great to see dr mario in arcade form, as well as frogger, and 2 neo geo multi machines. They also sell some nes and snes paraphernalia as well. I really recommend this place, I would love to get drunk there and play, but I was just visiting. Peace
2007-09-13ChrisForgot to mention... Ground Kontrol has DJs on certain nights! Check the "Events" section on their website for details. I highly recommend going on Saturday night for "Reaganomix: The Best (and the rest) Of The '80s," where they spin remixes of all the cool stuff from the last decade of the cold war. As their site says, "And you can play Missile Command. 'We begin bombing in five minutes!' Ah, that joke never gets old." =)
2007-09-12ChrisJust spent a long Labor Day weekend at Ground Kontrol with my fiancee and we had a blast. Drove down from Seattle for a short vacation to celebrate our 10-year anniversary and recent engagement, and we centered our trip around Ground Kontrol. I was disappointed that a few games were out of order but that is to be expected for 20 to 25-year-old hardware. Glad I played Star Wars (1983) the first night because it was dead the next two nights. Also, both Spy Hunter and Tempest were down the entire time I was there, as was Ms. Pac-Man but they had another one that worked as well as a great "Multi-Pac" machine upstairs. Overall most games were in near perfect working order. The only thing that could improve this place is even more classic games (but the place is pretty packed as it is) and food service would be awesome, but alas, no kitchen. No matter, we'll be going back soon!
2007-04-07dougdamn, i really want to check this place out!
2006-08-06monkey guycan you get prizes????!!!!
2006-06-12Tony RI thought this place had disappeared, and I was so disappointed...turned out they had just moved to their new 511 Couch Street location in Portland. The new place is a huge improvement, and the atmosphere is second to none. Growing up, I played at the old Escape arcade in Vancouver, which later turned into Billiards Plus, but this place is bigger, better, badder, and has all the same great games. Well, it's still missing Time Pilot '84, and the BattleZone machine didn't work, but STILL...what a great retro flashback. Keep it up, guys! The new digs look awesome! - T
2006-02-23BGHerb and Vids!
2005-08-06Tony P I had the pleasure of visiting this place in August 2005 while vacationing in Oregon. I think this is what arcades used to really be like. Visit there if you are in the area!
2005-07-17leslie collinsmy kind of ****ing classics 80sarcades
2005-06-10JNChanges..Minors are allowed until 7PM daily. After 7PM - closing you must be 21 yrs or older to enter. Beer is being served there during that time.
2005-03-04Josh KGround Kontrol moved not too long ago to a new location not too far from their old one. It's now on NW 5'th & Couch (street address: 511 NW Couch Street). If you're in Portland or plan to visit Portland, you have to check this place out.
2005-02-16GamerGround Kontrol is certainly the #2 spot in the country for Classic Arcade Gaming and for Record Setting, and its reputation is continuing to build.
2005-02-13virginia visitorTook my son here and we spent a few hours playing all the games, well, almost every one. Mostly old classics. Video games on ground floor, pinball upstairs. Quarter per game. Games are very well maintained.
2004-07-15BrandonGround Kontrol is the ultimate arcade, period! If you're in the Pacific Northwest, then this is the place to be.
2003-12-29El Ramos (Anthony)We now maintain an up-to-date list of all games (classic, modern, pinball) on our website: New games announced on the home page! -El Ramos, Kommander-In-Chief
2003-11-28DVDmaster of pole position always
2003-11-09RegularThey now have "720" - The NEW Owners are doing great things!!!
2003-11-09Regular"AREA 51/Maximum Force" and "Raiden II" are new - "Centipede" is back.
2003-11-09Joe (jocappy)You are kidding! They have 720 now! I will be there all day thursday! jocappy./.....
2003-11-08JoeI was in Ground Kontrol 2 weeks ago and played Rolling Thunder. 10/26/03 to be exact. Great place wish they had 720'! Then my classic arcade flashback would be complete. Later.....
2003-10-29JJ3Made the trek to Portland again, and no visit is complete without some Ground Kontrol. Again, the atmosphere is finely tuned to retro-cade sensibilities with 80's-era pac-man promotions on the walls and rows of classic games. Neil is telling the truth: the games are in better shape. Street Fighter II was still a little rough, but Assault/Joust/Spy Hunter were dead-on perfect. Rolling Thunder is gone? Had a great time, and will be back with more quarters.
2003-08-08Neil BradleyYou should give it a try now. Note that we took the place over in April and were up to our elbows in repair. Pins have been changed out, fixed, upgraded, maintained, etc... and we're finally ahead of the curve. Keep coming back - new games get added, taken away, fixed, modified, etc... If you love the 80s arcade feel, COME SEE US WHEN YOU'RE IN PORTLAND!
2003-05-27JJ3Drove two hours to check out this retro-cade on a Friday night. They have done an excellent job of preserving the arcade atmophere of yesteryear. Nice, dark room open to the cool Portland night. Fun to see a lot of the mid-30's crowd lurking around games like kids, too. Only gripe is the poor game maintenence: Rolling Thunder was down, Battlezone(controls) and Punch-Out(screen) were unplayable. Street Fighter II was hindered by some faulty joystick connectors. Pinball machines are pretty shallow with weak flippers (Black Knight couldn't send the ball back up to the top level). Spy Hunter, Robotron: 2084 and Assault worked! Had a great time, but will call ahead to see what's working before I make the next trip. Rock on, Ground Kontrol.
2003-02-26JNAll video games and pinball are for sale. Please call (503) 796-9364 for details or you can visit the website at
2003-02-08David and Scott YoungThis place kicks ass! We were very impressed with the old school selection - even the 88 version of Galaga - nice guys! We will definitely be back and would suggest anyone that loves 80's games to swing by. Perfect location. Easy to park. Eats around the corner! Thanks for a great Saturday afternoon!
2002-05-17Walt KurtzBetty rules!!!
2001-08-25coolerthanmost.comI play here two, three, sometimes four times a week. It's a great place to play CLASSIC. Notice the list!!! Average crowd age - 30 plus. I still get millions on Missile Command, Galaga and Asteroids. 1/4 Mil on Q*Bert:.. Redhead Regular
2001-04-12JoeThis place rocks! Just like being in an arcade room back during the Reagan administration. I forgot how addicting classic games like Robotron and Joust used to be.
2001-03-30DonI tracked down these two arcades while perusing the classicgaming site...I was impressed upon entering, because I haven't seen many of these games since my mid-80s slurpee and video game binge (all the videogames being located in a Circle K)! I visited the Hawthorne arcade and plan on going to the downtown one today for lunch. I'm not so good at DK Jr anymore, and I've always sucked at Joust...Thanks for pointing me to this place...will
2000-12-24R.AbramOMFG!!!! this is a great site!!!!! too bad i`m clear on the other side of the state or, i`d be there today!!!!! it sucks being in bfe but, i plan on making a trip up there soon and, when i do i`m coming by YOUR store.

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