Hershey Park

Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA
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Location games last seen on:2008-06
Last change to this page:2008-08

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1942 720 Degrees After Burner (cockpit) Arch Rivals
Arkanoid Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja Berzerk Blasteroids
Choplifter Demolition Derby Dig Dug Double Dragon
Dragon's Lair Galaga Golden Axe Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom
Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off-RoadJoust Karate Champ Marble Madness
Millipede Monaco GP Mr. Do! Ms. Pac-Man
Name That Tune Operation Thunderbolt Operation Wolf Out Run
Pole Position Q*Bert's Qubes Road Blasters Rolling Thunder
Shinobi Space Tactics Speed Buggy (cockpit) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Real Ghost Busters Toobin' Track & Field

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2012-11-21CanSo we want to say thank you to The Campus Community Dinner Series and all the people invoevld. We were given ingredients (chicken breast, fresh asparagus,mozzarella cheese,small tomatoes and a bag full of potatoes) to bring home and make dinner with it. So I broiled the chicken breast in the oven that I had marinated in olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt & pepper, when it was almost done, we melted the mozzarella cheese on top of the chicken, I also grilled the fresh asparagus with a little olive oil with fresh garlic, the potatoes I sliced very thin like added thinly sliced onions, garlic, salt & pepper and butter baked in the oven until done then put under the broiler to brown and crisp then up a bit, and then I made a fresh salad and added our tomatoes. We all sat down together and enjoyed our dinner on sunday afternoon after we had been outside practicing with the girls for their upcoming tryouts for softball. It was a bit breezy on sunday, the sun was out but a little cool so it was very nice to come in and have a great dinner to warm us all up. We talked about our busy week ahead of us. Emily and I will be heading to New York City on Thursday morning for her spanish trip. We are very excited about our trip and all the things we will see and do. Maybe we will have another blog when we get home about the best thing we ever ate..Thanks again for such a great dinner and this wonderful experience.
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2009-07-14RobMany of those games were out of commission. Of those working, I played Berzerk, Joust, Galaga and Pole Position. Every Ms. Pac was down along with Mr. Do!. Very disappointing.
2008-07-31AnonymousI guess that didn't last too long. Almost every game on the list was out of commission. Both Galagas to my disappointment. DigDug & Berserk seemed to be okay. Was there 7/22/8.
2008-06-09Chad ShumakerWow! The games have been fixed up! I'm going to say that 95% of the games I played worked perfectly. New buttons and working sticks/controllers. They also repaired Dragon's Lair which was nearly unplayable last year. No blackouts when playing, working controllers, clean picture- awesome! What a great classic arcade!
2007-10-04bobwhat is the name of that coin pushing game? thanks
2007-05-29JohnA+ arcade. Air Conditioned as well!! Is the name of this arcade still the "minetown arcade"? there are a few arcades in hershey park and it can be confusing trying to find the 'good' one. It was mind blowing to see all the games that I havent seen in over 10 years all in one place. They even had a "Bezerk" machine there last time I went. It was badass.
2007-02-04StevenDoes the Speed Buggy (Cockpit) uses 3 monitors?
2006-12-30RichAnyone know how accurate the gamelist on here is ? I went there this summer and dont remember seeing some of those titles like demoltion derby, Q*bert's Qubes, or Discs of tron. Was there more than one arcade there ?
2006-06-01Vanessa DennyI need to find Family Bingo the game on Hershey Park website. I tried to go on the Hershey Park websites but they keep giving me the wrong website i am looking for so that is not what i am looking for, So please help me out so I can find what I am looking for. Thank U for my Care!!!
2004-08-19ABRThey actually have 3 Pole Positions, 2 Galagas and 2 Ms. Pac Mans. 2 of the Pole Positions are the stand up cabinet, and the others are the cockpit (is that the correct term?) BTW, this place has an A+++ pinball collection, best I've seen in years. Jon, and Senor Y, the machines you are talking about are still there.
2003-11-03Rich SitlerJon Bovard-- Last I looked Hi-Score Pool was still there. I had the chance to buy this game 15+ years ago and didn't. I never cared much for it. But yes, I believe it's still there.....
2002-07-18Jon BovardWodering if there is still a Pinball Machine called Hi-Score Pool at MineTown? Anyone know? My e-mail is jbovard1@rochester.rr.com Thank You
2002-02-23Senor Y.I have yet to get to castle's and coasters, i went to video round up tonight and was very disappointed to find like 2-3 classics only. The rest were fighting games and 2/3 of the building is a pool hall. I will check out castles and coasters though for sure. Senor Y. http://www.arcadespecialties.com
2001-12-10Richard M.Senor Y.: I've only been to Phoenix once (last October), but I did visit Castles n' Coasters while I was there. It's a great place; go check it out. I didn't know there was a Gameworks in Phoenix. I visited one in Vegas while I was on vacation and I made a posting on that site; it's not one of my favorite places. Evidently the one in Phoenix is not much better.
2001-12-10Senor Y.I'm from Harrisburg Originally -- I live in Phoenix Arizona now -- I wish I had arcades like Hershey Park out here. It is definitely lacking out here. =) gameworks sux. their classics are all in conversion cabs and they sux. :( I miss Hershey Park!!!! I miss that damn pinball machine that is in the minetown arcade - HERCULES! =)
2001-09-05hank septemberi recall wonderful times at Hershey park arcades...beating space harrier on one quater,spending dollar after dollar on delux after burner,720,shadow dancer...awsome memories
2001-07-29Derek Hess games foremanI work in the games department, we have 3 arcades, the Alpine arcade is located just inside the main gate. This arcade just has games, it has no ticket machines. The largest is the minetown arcade and the next biggest is the Playdome this used to be the double-R-cade. This is located in the frontier part of the park. This has ticket games also like the minetown one and both locations have redemption areas. The prizes in both locations are sometimes different. We also have a small arcade in the fair area. This also has ticket games and a redemption area. If you need help at the park ask any employee they will be eager to help.
2000-08-19Ryan PainterI live about half an hour from Hershey, and I work in the Park. The way they have it set up there is with two arcades, one called "Mine Town Arcade," another, with generally newer games, called "Fun Zone."

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