Playland (CLOSED)

State College, Pennsylvania, USA
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Location games last seen on:2003-12
Last change to this page:2000-06

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2011-06-30JimmyMacWow! Went back to PSU this week after graduating over 30 years ago.
2011-01-31DanWas the game called Trog? or I just downloaded the ROM and played it in MAME; seems fun enough.
2011-01-10AmandaI remember playing this cutesy dino game that was near the second window facing College Ave. Cavemen were chasing you around and if you got a certain item, you could turn into a T-Rex and eat them. Anyone remember that game by chance?
2005-10-07KzinThe Daily Collegian (Penn State's newspaper) has an old article with many more details here:
2005-09-03Chalice DR.I.P., Playland... can't believe it's gone. Good atmosphere (which does not = spotless, nor does it need to) & great games. Is there even an arcade in State College anymore?
2005-07-25BillReally fantastic place. Very heartbreaking that I heard it is gone. The first (and second and third.. and only) place I beat Ms Pac Man (fast version.) Theatre of Magic got many a coin as well. Well, one less reason to recommend Penn State to my friends now! :(
2004-12-16KeithThey Turned the space into a Family Clothesline Shop. Im so Mad
2004-09-22marcusmayer74@hotmail.comI just came across this site searching for arcade game histories. I CANNOT believe that Playland has shut its doors for good! I went to PSU University Park from 96-99 and spent many a time there after going to Player's, G-Man or after class playing classics like Cruisin' USA, Daytona USA, Cabal, Track & Field, Elevator Action working out my frustrations at the time with the girls, classes, profs, or alcohol! PLAYLAND WILL BE MISSED!!!
2004-01-02Tony PWill keep the comments around for a bit on this place
2003-12-19N. T. KattRest in Peace, Playland! It was by far my favorite arcade of all time. After over 35 years, Playland shut its doors forever 11/30/03. It was simply the best...... so many classic games...... and open 365 days a year from 8 am to 4 am....... what a wonderful place. And good ol' Gene was there for the last 29 years taking care of the machines and customers. Well done, Gene. Well done, Playland. We'll miss you terribly!
2003-10-29PennFarmsToo bad Playland will be shutting its doors forever in December. Who knows where the hell I'll get Mr. Do fix now!
2003-05-19yelpPlayland is great. Pinball and most light gun games are only 25cents a credit. Plus they have a ton of classics, not to mention metal slug 3 and 4. One of the best arcades in the state.
2002-02-23Senor Y.I would have to say playland comes in second to Hershey park's minetown arcade. Campus casino was more of a pool hall than playland. Playland was a lot of fun, especially after a night of partying. They had a bunch of classics, karate champ, donkey kong, pac-man to name a few. Senor Y.
2001-06-29spotzBeing a native of State College, I can attest to the coolness of Playland. Easily the among the largest arcades I have seen in my travels(apart from really seedy boardwalks, tho, such as Ocean City NJ). The games are mostly all in working order, with a good mix of new and old. There used to be some competition called Campus Casino half a block away, but that's gone now. Keep the conversation with the help to a minimum, they are all pretty creepy.

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