Spring Lake Arcade

Glendale, Rhode Island, USA
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Location games last seen on:2002-06
Last change to this page:2002-06

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Baby Pac-Man Centipede Laser Ghost Multi Pac
The Simpsons Turbo Out Run Virtua Racing

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2014-10-30Wile E. CoyoteIs Multi-Pac, all of the classic Pac-Man games in one machine?
2002-07-02Richard M.Thank you for your reply; I was able to get the directions in PDF format from yahoo - route 146A to route 102. (The directions are better oriented for those coming up from Providence, but I'll be able to find it.) I would guess that the arcade is in the Champlin Recreation Hall.
2002-07-01Nate GouletDirections: Go to www.yahoo.com Type in: "Spring Lake Beach directions" click search. the 2nd link with provide directions. Or go to Yahoo Yellow Pages. Change your location to Glendale RI. Type in Spring Lake. There's a map there too. The arcade's number is: (401) 568-8288 If your still having trouble, e-mail me: nategoulet@ids.net
2002-06-27Nate GouletThe Spring Lake Arcade is unlike any other arcade i'm aware of. This arcade is possibly the oldest operating arcade in America. It's been there since the turn of the century. This arcade is really an arcade museum! You don't want to miss it. It is primarily featuring electrical-mechanical games like shooting gallerys, pinball, etc. It does offer some classic & modern video games. I know the owner, and he has several more rare classic video games in storage, including the super rare "Circus" (loved playing that as a kid there), "Fire Truck", "Galaxian", "Gravitar" and others. The building was re-built a few years ago. I have some pictures on my website: http://users.ids.net/~ngoulet/protype.htm
2002-06-27Richard M.Turn of the century? That's not so long ago! ;-) (Yes, I know, you meant 1900 LOL. Of course in New England a structure built in 1900 just isn't that old...) Anyway Nate, can you give us some directions, as the map feature did not locate the Spring Lake Arcade.

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