The Garden City Pavilion

Garden City, South Carolina, USA
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Location games last seen on:2009-01
Last change to this page:2005-07

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Centipede Defender Donkey Kong Frogger
Galaga Ms. Pac-Man Vs. Super Mario Bros.

Comments on This Location
2013-08-22Chris8/22/2013 The Garden City Pavilion still has a great selection of games,which include Frogger,Centipede,Asteroids,Defender,and Super Mario Bros.,and Galaga.The arcade also has three Ms.Pacman Machines,and a couple of three classic games in one cabinet for a token,sadly the Donkey Game plays poor.If you love these classic games listed above you will have a blast! God Bless the Garden City Pavilion!!!
2012-08-22Chris8/22/12 I was at this arcade early this week and they got got some good games that still play great,Centepede,Frogger,Super Mario Bros.,and a ultracade game that plays Dig Dug,and Pacman.They still have a Donkey Kong machine on the same floor,it does need some work.However on the bottom floor they have a class of 81 machine that has Ms.Pacman,Galaga,and Donkey Kong.Enjoy!
2011-08-14walkeri go to this arcade many times a year i love it however in the back room some of the cabinets need a little repair other wise this place is amazing one of the few surveying arcades god bless the pavilion
2011-05-30MikeExcellent location and place to play. Old classics in good playing condition. One note, they no longer have the Ms. PacMan machine. Disappointing....but they have Defender, Galaga, Frogger and many more.
2010-09-01Chris9/1/10 We were at this arcade on Tuesday,and they have some cool classic games like Super Mario Bros,Frogger worked great also.Defender and Galaga,down stairs they even had an orginal Ms.Pacman machine.Also upstairs where the classic arcade machines are is a Centepede,though the Donkey Kong worked the screen was not the best in the world,needs some work,however this is a fun place for anyone who loves the games of yesteryear. I fogot they also had a Galaga machine.And I think mabye a few more.Wish I was there now! Worth going for sure!!!
2009-04-29AnonymousHey guys... i will have the donkey kong machine back up and running this week hopefully. just got the board back in from repair. Forrest General manager/Lead Tech
2009-04-29DanMan, this lead tech seems too good to be true! There are so many idiot techs and owners that don't seem to pay any attention to this important board, let alone participate and update potential customers. God bless you Mr. Tech. Please stay out of trouble and keep up the great work! You are a beacon of light in an blissfully ignorant industry. BTW, this board should be studied and worshipped by all classic gamers, techs and owners everywhere!
2008-08-27ChrisI was at this arcade last week (8/20/08) and the Donkey Kong machine is no longer there.It was there two years ago.They still do have some cool classic games such as Super Mario Brothers,Frogger,Astroids,and a few more,if you are at Surfside,check this out!!!
2008-08-27ChrisI rememberd two other classic games that were present when I was a Surfside last week (8/20/08),they were Centepede,Ms.Pacman,and a Galaga machine.These are all on the upper deck of the arcade.On the first level I do remember seeing a MS.Pacman-Galaga Class of '81 game.If you love classic games then you gotta check these out!
2008-02-06JRThis is a great beach arcade! Truly a classic. Make this a stop. Open Easter to Christmas.

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