The Back Room
(Many classics, anyone have a list?)
Austin, Texas, USA
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Location games last seen on:2000-12
Last change to this page:2000-12

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Comments on This Location
2003-01-05JoeI made my visit to Austin, Texas during my vacation last week, but I unfortunately was not able to see what classic games they had here. All I know about this place is that it's a dive bar of some sorts, and they told me (when I called the place) that they have some new games like Soul Caliber, and another one they mentioned to me that I can't remember of. They told me that they did have some old games, but didn't mention which ones. Hopefully one day someone will be able to find out what classic games they have here, so we'll know if this place it worth visiting or not. Oh well.
2002-11-11JoeGood news. I'll be going on vacation to Austin Texas during Winter Break and when I do I'll try to visit this place to see what classic games they have. Hopefully they'll have a lot of good ones! I can't wait to find out!

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