Crystals Pizza

Irving, Texas, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-09
Last change to this page:2001-12

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Ms. Pac-Man

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2009-02-20DebbieCrystals is a great family friendly restaurant. From the games to the food, it has something for everyone. Their salad bar host an incredible variety and of course their pizza, pasta, soup and bread sticks with cheese dip! Yum! My family have been patrons for over 30 years and my kids(now grown) still like to sit in the cartoon room.
2008-11-16michael youngi used to work for crystals in fort worth in the early 80's, it was a delightful and enriching experience. as one of my first jobs it gave me the foundation of unity, team and hardwork coupled with fun. wish i could see those people again. great place to eat and have fun.
2008-01-22Crystal's have been making a lot of improvements lately! The food, games, and everything is growing to be better and better! I enjoy spending my night there with my family all the time!
2007-08-04MarkThe arcade games are ok...but the entertainment is priceless. They have a Magician that will absolutly blow your mind. If you haven't seen Christopher Lyle before...then you're missing out! He's wonderful.
2007-07-18MarkBack in the 70's when I was a little kid it was great! Every one wanted to go there. We went there long before we ever went to C.E.C or Show Biz Pizza. Now a days it just doesn't have the magic touch it once had. The pizza is sorry and the roof leaks. Never-the-less, I still like it because of the fond memories and it always has plenty of room.
2007-03-29ZCrystals is a great place for young AND older kids(32) lol, I LOVE it, I have 22 nieces and nephews and for the most part, they have their parties at Crystals.
2005-12-21Vanessaim thinking of making my little girls b-day at Crystals i've only been there once and i thiught it was a good place but i hear others wise So im asking u Do u think it will be a good place to do it she's truning 1. :)

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