Tornado Terrys
($9 to get in, games on free play)
Keller, Texas, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-12
Last change to this page:2005-12

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1943 The Battle Of Midway Centipede Defender Defender II
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Junior Frogger Galaga
Galaxian Millipede Missile Command Ms. Pac-Man
Pac-Man Popeye Smash TV

Comments on This Location
2011-10-17AustinGoing to Terrys is like stepping back in time. The owner still repairs the machines himself, and even builds multicades to sell, as well as pinball machines. Terrys has a good amount of classic cabinets as well as a couple 60-in-1 iCade cabs. The majority of the arcade is late 80s and early 90s cabs. The rest is jam packed with various racing games, shooters, and even a brand new guitar hero arcade. There are also some skiball machines and other ticket games if you feel the urge to cash in on some of the prizes at the counter. Terrys is a great place. Safe, small, and loved.
2009-10-18AmyMy husband and I have taken our 6-year-old there and we love it. Tons of classic games and racing games, very clean, nice open layout. Perfect set-up with the flat fee... Then you get to try whatever you want. A lot less chaotic than a Chuck E Cheese.
2008-11-03Ethan NorrisWent there about a month ago, and almost all the games were running smoothly. Can't bring your beverages (non-alcoholic only) or snacks to the gaming area, but it was still very much worth the trip.
2005-11-23Alice RiosHey there. Alice Rios at KRLD here. Just wanted to let you know, the story on your place will be on the air this afternoon from 3-7 and very likely again, from 5-9 am tomorrow. Thanks again Alice Rios KRLD News Anchor
2002-08-15abram galindodo you have the adventures of major havoc or rustan?

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