Walburg Restauran

Walburg, Texas, USA
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Location games last seen on:2004-10
Last change to this page:2004-12

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Bloxeed Mr. Do!

Comments on This Location
2004-10-04J CrawfordWent there last Fri. 10/1/04 and only game available was Bloxeed. Told that the other machines were damaged due to a flood sometime last year.
2004-10-04J CrawfordThere was also a Mr. Do
2003-06-20WarborgWow! I live in between Austin and Round Rock...I can't believe this game is there. O/T...does anyone know about the game called spiders? I'm trying to find info on it. It was out in the early 80's (I'd guess 82). It's not on the main list.
2002-09-07LyleI went with Sheilagh to this place tonight. Simply amazing. All the games were set to very generous settings (lots of lives), and most games were in excellent shape (minor wear, a couple of screens were slightly off-center).
2002-09-05Sheilaghhttp://www.walburgrestaurant.com/index.html seems to be the location, but rumor claims that the arcade is only open Friday-Saturday. Perhaps if people call and beg poiltely they'll extend the days they offer this treasure collection.
2002-09-05Richard M.Thanks to Sheilagh's post, I visited the website. This place really should be listed as Walburg Restaurant, the Biergarten (notice the spelling) is just part of that restaurant.

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