Sno Cap Lanes (formerly the Cow Palace L

Ephraim, Utah, USA
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Location games last seen on:1998-05
Last change to this page:2001-02

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Discs Of TronHammerin' Harry

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2004-06-16ThohanWhen you live in a small town (about 2000 people), the presence of some form of electronic entertainment is not to be taken for granted. I lived in neighboring Manti, and the Cow Palace in Ephraim was about 6 miles away. It was a special treat to visit this place for bowling, pool, video games, or all three if possible. I honed my skills on Discs of Tron and got a good 15 or so minutes of gameplay per quarter. This place holds nothing but good memories for me. There was also a Super Bug machine there. Black and White games are old. I think that qualifies as classic.

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