Ogden, Utah, USA
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Location games last seen on:1999-12
Last change to this page:1999-12

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1942CyberballDefenderDonkey Kong
Donkey Kong JuniorGalagaGaplusMario Bros.
MillipedeMs. Pac-ManPac-ManiaPole Position
Sea WolfSpace InvadersSpy HunterToobin'

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2008-03-07BrentThis place is a crap hole but it is cheap and the kids like it for a hour or so. as an adult it is dirty and disgusting take your handi wipes with you to clean yourself and your kids after. alot of games don't work and I guess it added up but if it didn't work. I was like that was only 5 cents I guess thats how they make their money.
2006-10-29kerithe place was runned down and seemed the employees did not care about custer service. i would not recommed to anyone. many of the games did not work or took your money.
2006-09-08Zachary CareyI recently vacationed in Utah last month and had the opportunity to visit Nickelcade. It is probably the worst arcade I have ever seen. Many of the games have blurry monitors, broken joysticks, etc. There's even an entire row of dead games that I refer to as the graveyard. None of the employees seemed to notice the poor quality of the machines nor did they make any effort to repair them. I went around the back of the building and saw some games that were waiting to be destroyed. As for the game selection, there are very few games here that are worth your time. The only classics I saw here were 1942, Defender, Millipede, Ms. Pac Man, Pole Position, Pole Position II, Rampage, Sea Wolf, The Simpsons, Space Invaders Deluxe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Toobin'. 1942 was a converted Xevious cabinet. Defender was in a generic oak cabinet. Pole Position II, Sea Wolf, and Toobin' were all broken. I did not see Cyberball, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior, Galaga, Gaplus, Mario Bros., Pac-Mania, Space Invaders, Tron, or Xybots at those location. Overall, I would not recommend Nickelcade to anyone who is looking for an arcade with a huge selection of classics.
2006-05-04BJ RedfordThis is a good place to take the whole family. They have the classic arcade games, but also some games that kids and others can play for tickets to trade in for merchandise. They also have a great selection of free machines to play on. A good time for everyone.
2001-06-16AsanteWell i've really never been to this place before but i really want to go. my mommy said that i have to go with her and the rest of the family to the base or to the air force museum. Well i have to go now. my mommy is calling my name. bye bye bye, like from n'sync
2001-02-14Rick from Boise, IdahoThis place is awesome!!! I was there a year and half ago and it felt like going through a time warp to the 80's when all the good games were around.

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