Orem, Utah, USA
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Location games last seen on:1999-12
Last change to this page:1999-12

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720 Degrees Atari Football Crystal Castles Defender
Donkey Kong Mr. Do! Ms. Pac-Man Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 (Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Rally-X)
Pac-Man (cocktail) Robotron: 2084 Rolling Thunder Stargate
Swimmer Track & Field

Comments on This Location
2015-12-06qopityptcog3ZmBt wvrgvmxtoqix, [url=]tjuywzpigkmq[/url], [link=]fjzttllwoeuc[/link],
2009-10-24Book readerI am going to Nickelcade today
2009-10-24Book readerMy friend said that it was really fun, so I am going to try it today.
2009-10-24Book readercan't wait tell i go
2009-03-07jamesgNickelcade is one of the top arcades in utah. the games are cheap, fun,and if you play them right you can win a lot.
2009-02-28Qazaq AsariusLong long ago, in a time not so distant, almost ten years, I worked at the Orem location, Twas a fun job for a teenager. Then came the transition from Hustle to independent ownership, ahh it brings back the memories, Fixing jams, cleaning the ticket counting machines, and of course the changing of the ownership, Good people, the Muir's. Unfortunate My employment ended when I couldn't work due to being run over in a crosswalk. Perhaps I should go back and see if I can recall my passwords for games like gauntlet legends, NBA on NBC, etc... good times.
2008-06-21BreycLI think NickleCade Rocks!
2008-05-12LindsayThis nickelcade is the most awesome place in the world you could spend hours there. Its got a retro feel to it but the owners and workers are nice and love to help out. The games are classic as mario and pacman and burger time to ddr sniper games and old nija turtle games. great for any occasion take a step back in timeand be a kid again. Its awesome and worth the trip
2007-12-20y u wanna no my name?nickelcade is not crappy it is fun & cheap
2007-11-12ManuelThey treat the games bad. so I feel sorry for the people that work there. sadly its the best one in utah. C- grade
2007-06-20Deaf258It's too bad they treat their machines better than they treat their employees!
2007-04-25Colin JensenObviously the hater above was 15 years old. They have a good range of relatively new games, but if you're over 30, you'll love every game there. Ninja Gaiden, Operation Wolf, Final Fight. And they have a bunch of all purpose driving games. But I wouldn't know if they have any good post-arcade-era games (dance games, fighters, etc.) But the golden age was way over by the time Street Fighter came out if you ask me...
2005-06-02KemmerThis place is fun, because you can play for hours for just a few dollars. Most games only cost a nickel so its a blast. It used to be alot better, but lately the games are poorly maintained and many of your favorites are probably broken or absent. The worst part is that you spend alot of nickels on games that dont work and its a hastle to have to hunt down the employees to get a refund. Still, I don't know many other places where you can find so many cool games under one roof.
2005-04-11grimbasementI wish I could agree with the comment listed above but Nicklecade has turned into crap. I have vidsied all locations within the last 3 months and the games are in horrible condition. Most classics are gone. Basically Nickelcade is a glorified game warehouse to store a bunch of crappy games and Jamma conversions of games noone has heard of. Maintenance of the games suck... I could go on but only go to Nicklecades if you are DESPARATE.
2004-06-16ThohanThere are three or four Nickelcades in Utah and I've visited the Orem, Sandy and Taylorsville locations. Orem is the best in terms of classic games, and the games seem to be in the best shape here. Thank you Nickelcade for preserving these oldies.

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