Captain Pell's Fairfax Crabhouse

Fairfax, Virginia, USA
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Location games last seen on:2001-07
Last change to this page:2001-07

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Centipede Donkey Kong Junior Galaxian Ms. Pac-Man
Trivia Whiz

Comments on This Location
2006-12-29horse girlOk, I WILL ONLY SAY THIS ONCE. I'm Danny Pell's daughter. ok? if you don't believe me, too bad for you. The food there is great! if you love seafood(expically crabmeat) go there! If you don't like seafood, well then go to Olive Garden. You have to go! Now! Drop what your doing and go! Go go go! Come on faster! Go go go! Its sooooooooooooooo good!!!
2006-12-29Zoe the horse craziest 10 year old ever!That place is the best place ever! Go there now! I love it!! go go go go!! Now!!

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