Springfield Mall
(Time Out)
Springfield, Virginia, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-06
Last change to this page:2005-03

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Comments on This Location
2005-12-13PeteGrew up going to Time Out - some of the best memories of my life... The new games like Mach 3 and Star Wars was just awesome at the time. I just wish I was older in the 80s so I could spend more $.
2005-03-29ABRSadly, the downstairs timeout is no more. Upstairs (at the remaining timeout), you will find a galaga machine that's pretty beat up. The screen also has a dark tint.
2004-04-16ABRWent there today. The brand new Ms. Pac Man/Galaga machine that they had just gotten is gone. It's possible that they may have moved it into one of the movie theaters, as Namco (owner/operator of Time Out) also operates the games there. Ms. Pac Man AND Galaga are still in the downstairs Time-Out.
2004-04-14ABRGood Old Springfield Mall, the best place for arcade games in Northern Virginia IMO. This place also has 2 movie theaters with a few arcade games, an internet arcade, and another arcade with coin-op games. The class of 1981 machine at the upstairs time-out (next to JcPenney) is 2 tokens (it did not have the 1 credit to continue option), and the machines at the downstairs time out (next to the bigger food court) are only 1 token, so unless it's the original "Mr" Pac Man you want, you should go downstairs to play.

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