Flipper McCoys (Boardwalk)

Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
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Location games last seen on:2010-08
Last change to this page:2004-01

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Bloxeed Capcom Bowling Final Fight Ghouls 'N Ghosts
Mario Bros. Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesVs. Super Mario Bros.

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2010-08-05Mike WatersI went to VA Beach last week, and my nephews and I went to Flipper McCoy's every night we were there. Awesome place! Of the games listed above, I did not see Defender, Discs of Tron, Donkey Kong (although there was a Nintendo machine in the back isolated from the other games, so it might have been Donkey Kong), Elevator Action, Galaga 3, Punch-Out!!, Spider-Man, Tetris, Thunder Blade, or Tron. On the plus side, the following games were there: Vs. Super Mario Bros., Capcom Bowling, Mario Bros., Bloxeed, Ghouls N Ghosts, Final Fight, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
2010-08-05Mike WatersOh yeah, they also have Millipede and a Neo-Geo machine, as well as Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting. I liked how they had classic pinball marquees on the walls in the back and over the pinball machines!
2010-07-05jabreer williamsi think they can give a new name
2010-01-19girlthe boys are cute, galaga has rapid firing and one day i am going to win that stupid game with the walkie-talkies for the prize. thanks to you for the candy even though my friend and i didn't have enough tickets ;)
2009-03-30ChaseI just recently went to this arcade they have a lot great games some you rarely see anymore like the simpsons arcade game the teenage mutant ninja turtles game killer instinct street fighter 2 hyper fighting xmen versus street fighter they got rid of the ms. pacman with the fast pac button they have an arknoid machine way better than breakout i am suprised that they did not have missle comand anymore you would think they have the centipede millipede missle command lets go bowling machine I wish they had a tetris machine and tempest machine they did not have that new games but there were games they did not have that eye expected to see because most arcades have these games Ghost Squad House of The Dead 4 Alien The new Nascar game and mario kart They need to get a twilight zone pinball There are 2 neo geos they need to put new games in it. In the first on near the door they should have puzzle bobble spinmasters the metal slug x and king of fighters 2003 In the second one in the back they should have the latest samauri showdown super sidekicks 3 League bowling and Twinkle Star Sprites They have two or more of some games they need to put the alike games togeteher like all the Ms.pacman and pacmans together all the fighting games together all the racing together all the gun games together all the ticket games together the need to get In the Groove 2 it is just like DDR but better they need to get the fast trac air hockey
2009-03-30ChaseI have one more thing to say that on the teenage mutant ninja turtles game you can only be two of the turtles dontello and i forget the other because it is a two player machine and only has two coin slots the same is with the simpsons machine if you want to be able to play all the simpsons characters go to the jungle golf place right behind flippers they are owned by the same people and have the four player simpsons game the prices are reasonable as well
2009-02-13AnonymousA great arcade, and I'm lucky to live only about 10 minutes from it. However, it's the only Flippers left around here (the Norfolk and Lynnhaven locations mentioned by winslowe below are both gone). They do have the Ninja Turtles game again (not sure about WWE Wrestlefest). A great place to go.
2008-06-05iowolfthey got rid of Discs of Tron at the ocenfront flippers. they still have the original Tron arcade but im trying to find out if it Discs got moved to another local location or is it gone from this area totally. Anyone?
2008-03-16MikeGetting read to head to VA beach for vacation, can't wait to hit this place up. Always love going there. One of the best old school video game arcades out there.
2007-07-23MikeStopped by yesterday (Sunday, July 22, 2007) and noticed that Ninja Turtles and WWF Wrestlefest were no longer present. Too bad really.
2007-05-22Old Gamer FanThis place has the best Ms. Pacman machine ever it has the fast pac button
2005-06-06Boozle061083This is a very nice arcade. I spend alot of my time either in the back playing the classics, or up front playing Bubble Hockey (better that foosball if you ask me). They have a few pool tables in the back, and some skeeball lanes up front on the left hand side of the place. I remember seeing a working Asteroids AND Missle Command side by side a few years back. All in all, this location has got the goods. Whoo hoo! Good times aplenty!
2005-01-25Cody from NVaGreat, well-maintained collection of CLASSIC ARCADE GAMES, as well as new releases. I made top-score on CENTIPEDE! And, great people there, too. I accidentally left my camcorder there and they found my phone number taped to the camcorder and called me and shipped it back to me. THANK YOU SHANNON! I WILL be back!
2003-09-04KevinI have been going to this arcade for the last 3 months, mainly to play Addams Family Pinball. It has at least 20 classic early 80s arcade games in great condition. Pinballs as of 9/4/03: Addams Family, Creature from Black Lagoon, Star Wars: Ep 1, and another (forgot). Definitely worth a visit if you like classic arcade games.
2003-04-29winsloweThere are actually 3 Flipper McCoy's locations in Virginia Beach! There is one on Virginia Beach Blvd. next to Military Circle Mall. This one is the most spacious one and it has the most classics. There is one behind Lynnhaven Mall, the smallest one. This one and the one at the oceanfront has the classic pinball backboards hung on the walls. Finally, the one on Atlantic Ave. at the oceanfront is the original one which I believe has the most games of all 3. I'm impressed, Virginia Beach is rockin' with classics!
2002-06-01SNKFANThe place is awesome! I recently visited on a trip to VA Beach. It's good to see an arcade that is an arcade! Nothing but games, games and more games. While it is not all that big, it is big enough and packs a ton of classic games that will keep arcade enthusiasts busy. Also, noticed that the fronts for old pinball machines are all over the wall and give the place a wonderful museum look.
2002-02-24Senor Y.I vaguely remember this place, but I do remember it had a ton of games and they were all in working order. I remember pumping at least $10 into machines while in there. Senor Y. http://www.arcadespecialties.com
2001-08-01Lynx (Video game Name)I just want to say that I am a big fan of 10-Yard Fight and Flipper McCoys. I'm in the place every week or so and I'm kind of friend with the manager. Frankly, I was just looking for the world record of ten yard fight, because I've wanted my name in a record book with my score of 72,050. If you can't help me that all right but if you want to know about the place or the games ask me at Missinglinkskull@AOL.com. Thanks!

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