Amc Theatres Potomac Mills 18

Woodbridge, Virginia, USA
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Location games last seen on:2004-03
Last change to this page:2004-03

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Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga - Class Of 1981

Comments on This Location
2004-03-05ABRThis theater opened on 2/25/04, and the old 15 screen theater in Neighborhood 7 closed. It looks like most (if not all) of the games at the old location made it to the new one, along with new ones. The theater is connected to the mall, but you have to use an outside entrance. It's best to leave the mall at the Neighborhood 9 entrance, however, it is also not that far from the Neighborhood 4 entrance (near the food court). When you walk in the theater, there are 2 game areas, 1 on the right and one on the left. On the left side every machine is 4 quarters, and on the right every machine is either 2 or 3 quarters. This machine is 2 quarters, I didn't play the Galaga, but I played Ms. Pac Man and it is set unbelievably fast. Also you only get two lives to start (but the fast speed makes it possible to outrun the monsters and easily get the bonus life at 1,000) I'm guessing Galaga is the same (set fast, 2 lives to start) Don't forget, Planet Fun in Neighborhood 1 at this mall has the same machine.
2004-03-05Richard M.Just wanted to comment on ABR's post. You just cannot infer Galaga settings based on what the Ms. Pac-Man setting is on the "Class of 1981". I have seen numerous such machines where Ms. Pac-Man is fast and Galaga shots are not or where there are different number of starting lives. To get the Galaga setting, you'll have to actually play the game. :-)
2004-03-05ABRI assumed that it was a single switch that did the settings. My bad. Although from the huigh prices of every machine in this theater, they probably will only give you two lives on Galaga. I'll check it out the next time I'm there.

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