Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA
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Location games last seen on:2007-07
Last change to this page:2007-09

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720 Degrees After Burner Arch Rivals Arkanoid
Asteroids Burgertime Centipede Cheyenne
Clutch Hitter Crystal Castles Defender Donkey Kong (mini)
Double Dragon G-LOC (cockpit) Galaga (cocktail & cabaret) Galaxian
Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road Joust Jr. Pac-Man (cabaret) Jungle King
Millipede (cabaret) Monaco GP (cockpit) Ms. Pac-Man Operation Wolf
Out Run Pac-Man Plus (cabaret) Paperboy Pole Position (cockpit)
Qix Quarterback Rampage Road Blasters
Road Riot 4WD (cockpit) Robotron: 2084 (Cabaret) Smash TV Spider-Man
Sprint 2 Star Trek Steel Talons (cockpit) Suzuka 8 Hours (cockpit)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time Tetris The Simpsons Time Soldiers
Track & Field Tron Turbo World Series - The Season (cabaret)
WWF Superstars

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2015-05-07BillThis arcade CLOSED years ago. Need to update this website.
2012-05-20nick panekthe sign was not taken down since 2010 or 2009
2010-06-14BillDrove by it last Friday and the place was empty with a for lease sign on the window.
2009-09-13LeeWas just in lake geneva yesterday. Arcade is closed with the things for sale listed with a phone number. I too went there often as a child and haven't been there and years so it is sad not to see it open and with that much foot traffic how could they not make money. It seems like bad management and not keeping with the times. There is a lot of things they could do to make the place a million times better and I'm not even talking about the games yet. Hope the place will be open again and who ever owns it wises up. They are not gm there will not be a bail out. -Lee
2009-09-05GalagaFanI stepped into Gameland for a walk-through earlier in the summer. There was nobody else in the place and I didn't find anything compelling enough to drop a quarter into. The place was a wreck and the same boring employees were behind the counter making me feel uncomfortable just to be in the joint. No ambiance, no customers, no fun = good riddance. The end of an era in Lake Geneva is sad, but the place was depressing.
2009-09-03BrendanGameland is closed! My wife and I were just up in Lake Geneva last weekend and they were shut down with signs selling all of their machines. I just called the number below to check if they were closed for the season or permanently and the man that answered said permanently. Very sad. I live in the west-Chicago suburbs and have been taking trips up to Lake Geneva since I was a kid. Gameland was always at the top of my list of things to do up there!
2009-07-24JoeAfter doing some research I got the phone number 262-249-9983. They are in fact open. Call for yourself. I'll be making the trip sometime later this year. Review pending.
2009-07-17hThey're closing for good. The guy who owned it for decades sadly passed away. The building has been sold and it becomes another stupid clothing store in September. All the games are to be auctioned. Another great arcade gone :(
2009-06-29AnnaThis place is great! A ton of classic games. It also has two multi-cades with about two dozen classics, alot of which are not listed here, like Mappy, Xevious, Dig Dug, Mr Do.... This place probably has your favorite game, regardless of what it is. A++++
2009-03-27BirkI am a Chicagoan and i will be going to Lake Geneva April 18th. I loved all teh pinball machines they had there, and the flat table games. Also, the vintage baseball games where you hit the wood ball with a little steel rod..Classic games there!!!
2009-03-24FredMy brother stopped by there last weekend and there was a sign saying it was reopening on 3-27-09.
2009-03-13FiniteInfinity8I was in last year before they shut down for the winter, and spoke to an employee there. He said they were closing for the winter months, and then opening up again in the spring. The owner, Conrad, is reluctant to give the place up, but he recognizes that the arcade industry is dying. So to keep the place open, I'm told the plan is to rent out half the building to another business and keep half of it open as a game room. And I was also told there would be an auction for the games that they weren't keeping - I left my email address so I could be notified when the auction would be held, but I haven't seen anything come from them yet.
2009-03-08DHCWhat's the latest? Was in Lake Geneva recently and stopped by. Looked like it was still totally filled with games, but it was closed and dark all day on a Saturday, with no sign or explanation.
2009-02-22roomzeroIt seems a lot of the folks leaving comments are Chicagoans who genuinely love Gameland, and are sad to see it decline... Those of us who grew up around LG are even more disappointed, because Gameland is/was one of the ONLY things to do out there. That ..and the closing HAnny's which had LOndon Calling on the juke box...
2008-12-07game nutlong live gameland!!! damm now that games broke. i`m out of here.
2008-10-21FiniteInfinity8I used to work at Gameland, and it's definitely gone downhill over the years. I can tell you from firsthand experience that we tried to fix every single machine in that place in my time there (10 years ago - I apprenticed under the technician) but the owner just wasn't interested in keeping it in top shape. And that was back when it did a large amount of business all the time and the snack bar sold fudge like crazy. Now the snack bar is closed, and I don't think the place even has a technician anymore. I can't really say I blame them - the day of the arcade room is over. It was good while it lasted, and Gameland and many other arcade rooms gave us all some very good memories (and took huge amounts of our money from us),now that home systems are more powerful than the cabinet units the new generation of kids has lost all interest in putting quarters into those machines. It'll be sad to see it go, but I can't say the place hasn't had it coming for a long time. If it had an owner that cared, it might hang on for a little while longer, but he was only interested in spending the smallest amount of money possible while trying in vain to keep people interested in his barely-working machines. So long, Gameland, and thanks for all the good times. A piece of my childhood leaves with you. I was just in there last weekend (10/18/08), and it's still open, by the way. I don't know how much longer it'll stick around, but if you want to try to get in there and find out about making an offer on any of the games, you better hurry.
2008-08-02Anti-PaulHey Paul, that is great logic you have there. It is like blaming McDonald's customers for why they got gigged for several health code violations. It is like blaming a pedestrian that got ran over by a Domino's Delivery vehicle for "getting in the way at that crosswalk" and causing trouble. Gameland has a poor business model and it is failing. It is losing money, the games are in bad shape, etc. It is nobody's fault but the managers and operators of that establishment. They can't even keep up the maintenance on their faded, and very out-dated sign. You know, I wouldn't even bash the sign if it had a retro-appeal. It doesn't. It looks cheesy.
2008-07-25Paul To everyone who gave this arcade a negative review: I hope you're happy -- it is closing September 2008. You can pat yourself on the shoulder for having contributed to its decline.
2008-07-16hGameland is gem! I can't remember the last time I've been in an arcade with about 100 machines, that had so many wonderful classics. Yes, there are new games there, too, to try to attract some kids, but so many original dedicated games like track and field, paperboy, championship sprint, rampage and tron. It was great! And the best public collection of cabarets I've seen with robotron, centepede, and my personal favorite, world series. Yes it's true that some games were not working, and some had glitches, like the extra base button on world series didn't work, but it was still wonderful! Please come spend some money here and help keep them open!
2008-07-16hI got more of the story about their opening status from the niece of the owner. She said her uncle loses money every year, and he's been dangerously ill, but he's now getting better and refuses to close it. I told her that we loved it and had driven up from Chicago just to play and she thanked us and gave me a handful of tokens. So, I completely understand that it's so hard to keep that many old machines working. I wish I could round up 10 collectors/repair guys that would donate a day of time and we'd show up and fix everything we could for a day. They probably can't afford the help and these old arcades are very hard to find these days.
2008-06-28DHCRob - They plan to be open through the end of the summer, so 1-2 more months. Gameland, 120 Broad St., Lake Geneva, Wis.; 262-249-9983,0,3830088.story If you contact them and get any info as to why, let us know. I'm sure we'd be interested.
2008-06-23Rob Gis it still open and if so where? I know I can help this person get back on track I have supplied 100's of locations and vendors with games over the USA I am currrently in kauai but will be back on the 28th. I have some options for this owner that can make it work. Best way to reach me is 262-305-6995 thx and good luck
2008-06-21DHCDamn, this place is great! On my 2nd visit, the condition of the games seemed much better than last summer. Double Dragons had bad buttons and the monitor on Turbo was too burned out. But the rest were all good (even Tron was *flawless* - I think it's been at least 15 yrs since I've played on decent Tron controls!). They also have some excellent classic pinball (Pin*Bot was awesome, had Black Knight, High Speed was out of order, unfortunately). No charge to get in. Do seem to keep odd hours, though - I went back to my car to get a camera for posterity, and found they were closed when I returned (at 8pm on a beautiful summer Friday night!?!) - so you may want to call ahead or check for a web site. I really hope someone takes it over, or at least most of the machines are bought by one major location.
2008-06-09GalagaFanI knew this day was coming. The arcade was a dump and a shell of its former self. I will miss it for only the fact that there are no real "arcades" left around here. Dan, if you wanted to "save" this arcade you would have to pay some serious bucks for that building (if they are selling). Hell, they probably already sold it... A skate rink in Kenosha closed recently, also a relic of the past just like the old arcade. I bet it would cost half a million to purchase that location. Can you get 5000 people to cough up $100? 50,000 people to cough up $10? I'd certainly be willing to help. 20 people canvasing for donations to "save the arcade" hitting about 100 houses a day for a month for an average of $5 per house could get around $300,000. Still need more... If the location is "paid for", the rent from the upstairs locations should be enough to pay for your own property taxes and utility costs...that's why it existed for so long...either that, or they were locked into an unbelievable rent rate. You tell me, Dan. What should we do? I have 40 arcade games in better shape than the crap in that place.
2008-06-07DanWhy do these places close? I mean, I know all the obvious reasons, but damn it!, once these announcements are made here, one of the old-time billionaire gamers should automatically reach out and save these places. All they have to do is renovate these great arcades and "restore" the cabinets with brighter hybrid technologies. I swear, just replace all the controllers with low maintenance clicking solid state hardware devices, replace the CRTs with low power super high contrast organic LED monitors, replace and enhance all the cabinet lights with synchronized super bright LEDs, and then you can run these arcades off of a couple of freakin' PC's. Then advertise, advertise, advertise. There will be no shortage of players after that, and the maintenance costs will be next to nothing. This stupid recession will be over in five years. Can't someone hold on to this arcade for just a little bit longer? Come on! Please stop this from happening! I want to go there. I'll never make it if this closure actually goes through. Please!
2008-05-06Previous EmployeeGameland did seem like a decent place, except now it seems like the have gone back to charging the people who work there. I don't mind that they had to fire me (tourest seasion was over and they had no need for me anymore... oh fun), but some of the games will not work, no matter how much money you put into it. At least 4 times a shift someone would ask for their money back, and all I would do would be to give them back tokens. So yeah, it may be worth it to play some of the games, but make sure to carefully watch to see which ones work and which ones don't.
2008-01-30PaulThe phone number for Gameland is 262-249-9983. They are actually called Bigfoot Amusements. I would call first before heading out there, we were there 2 years ago and 80% of the games worked and i was just glad to see that somebody still had an actual arcade still in operation no matter what games worked or didnt work or whatever. LONG LIVE ALLADIN'S CASTLE!!! LOL Paul Rockford,IL
2008-01-20BrettGameland, located at 120 Broad St. in Lake Geneva, WI will be closed until Feb. 1st 2008, they have no hours posted and no phone number to call (my guess is to save money), they love to drill 400 holes in the back of every classic arcade machine they have, the Donkey Kong -is- a mini cabaret style cabinet (not sure if sound works), the place is packed with a ton of old school classic stand-ups, and cocktails. Looking through the glass, it didn't seem nasty dirty or anything. I'd have to go back when the place is open and the lights are on to really see the condition of all of the games. Parking is 25 cents for 30 minutes. Oh yeah, it was F'ing cold!! To see some pictures of this location see this forum post:
2008-01-17Patrick from Starworldsarcade.comI hope to get to this place soon! As I run my own classic 80's arcade I also love playing in others too. Pac man Pat
2007-07-16C.C. BenningFor a couple years my friend had been telling me about this arcade with mostly vintage video games in Lake Geneva. Being a collector of arcade games I always wanted to check this place out.Before we went I read the reviews of this place on this page & everyone trashed it? Now I REALLY wanted to go!! Well, we finally did this past weekend. It was like being back in 1985!! This arcade had mostly classic games from the 80`s. It also had like 20 more modern games.This place reminded me alot of the arcades in the 80`s...dirty, unorganized & alot of games not working. But thats what made it great, there were more than enough classics to play.It was painfully obvious that this place needs a GAME TECH to fix some of these games. It was like going back in time. I counted 75 games & 7 pinball machines. It was great to play classics like TRON, TRACK & FIELD, PAPERBOY, JUNGLE KING, Jr.PAC-MAN, ASTEROIDS,GALAGA, MONACO GP,WORLD SERIES & many others. These games worked PERFECT & were in nice shape!! Yeah, alot of games did not work, but playing all the other classics more than made up for it. We had a ball there, we played for 4 hrs. There is NO place in Wisconsin like this so I would suggest it to anyone who misses the arcades of the 80`s. Just make sure & wash your hands COMPLETELY when done playing!! I made a new list of games there & if they are working. I hope you post it. HAVE FUN!!
2007-04-23Fred H.I just got back from Lake Geneva after a family vacation. The weather was great over the weekend, but it was still too cold to go swimming! Lake Geneva is a spring-fed lake, so it is always cold it seems. I stepped into Gameland and stepped right out. I wanted to cry. My memories of this place were always good until now and I worry that I may have damaged that area of my mind where I looked at this place as heaven on earth for a video game addict like myself. The place was dirty, the staff was either rude or indifferent. This isn't atypical of most declining video arcades that still are around today, however. But the games were in bad, bad shape. The sound didn't work in some of the games I played. Would anyone play Xbox 360 without sound? Then why would someone want to play a real classic without sound? I felt robbed. The owner of this establishment must be old and not around for the day-to-day operations of this arcade, otherwise I believe he/she would do something to fix some of the issues they have. Gameland is simply a major disappointment and not what it once was.
2007-02-08StevensHello. It appears as someone below doesn't believe anyone should criticize gameland. I wonder if they actually have been there. The video posted by tonio shows Gameland a few years back. All I can say is: WOW. Things have changed since then, unfortunately. There is no Space Invaders, Shinobi, Star Wars, Missile Command, NARC, Rolling Thunder, Tempest, and I don't remember the Elevator Action. If you think Gameland is above criticism, why don't you head off to Funspot in NH (Check the listing) or Ground Kontrol in Oregon. Then go back to your Gameland and try to claim it is justified giving the public these broken down games. If you go to Gameland, walk through with a smile but don't drop a quarter in the games or you'll leave a very disappointed person.
2007-02-06Paul Schilling Uh, do you people have *any* idea how rare it is these days to have an arcade that is still the same as it was 30 years ago? Have you thought about that at all? This place is a total gem! Even if half the games there weren't working at all, I still count myself lucky to have the experience of walking into a time-warp arcade like Gameland. Those people complaining about the shape it is in sound like spoiled brats to me. I challenge you to name even one arcade in the entire midwest that goes back that far (and I'm not talking about those travelling arcade museums)
2007-01-19StevensI just went past Gameland and noticed they had an Admission $2 sign in the window. By the look of the people inside (none), the place isn't worth $2. That is sad.
2006-11-19a game fanwhen was the first game invented?
2006-11-07daniel.bakeri grew up in lake geneva. my dad used to take my brother and i to gameland in the early 80s and i still like to visit it every now and then when i go back. i haven't checked lately, but i used to play Star Wars all the time... the all-polygon graphics and sweet digitized obi-wan voice were great fun. they also have an old-timey photo booth (late 60s?) that shoots those 4-shot black/white pics. we just had a "family picture" taken with my wife and daughter in July 06. would it be awesome if someone bought this place and fixed it up? absolutely. until then i'll probably still stop by a few times a year just to check out the old games.
2006-10-30GalagaFanActually, you cannot compare these beat up games to a rusted out Camaro. If you want to use that analogy, I'd say it would be like RENTING a car only to find out the engine sputters, the windshield is cracked, and the door handles don't work so you have to crawl through the passenger door. People would gladly play these games if it were merely the outside being beat up. It is all about the game's controls 1st. If you can't control the game, you can't play it right. These games have many bad controls... the track-ball on centipede, several touchy joysticks, bad tron spinner, etc. The blurry monitors can be overlooked if everything else works...but, sadly, it doesn't. I'd love nothing more than this place to close its doors because it is an embarrassment to the 80's classics that are dying inside it.
2006-10-28RobertThese games work well at taking your money... but don't work so well when it comes to the controls, screens, and sound. The guy below tries to justify the place by saying, "Yeah, the games are old so you should expect them to be rough". That is like going to a car show and finding a rusted out 69 Camaro. If you criticize the car, you're an idiot because the car is 37 years old and you should expect rust! Come on, guy. This place sucks. Admit it.
2006-10-28BillWent to Gameland on 10/28 expecting to play some partially functional games as in years past. I tried Track and Field, Robotron and Defender and all worked 100%. Nice to actually be able to build some speed up on track and field and I was able to reach 999,975 on Defender with no problem. Hopefully this is an indication of things to come.
2006-10-19Chicago and Lake Geneva LocalYou people are fools for thinking that this place is crap for being a dump....that is part of the package. This place has remained the exact same since I was 7 and I am in my thirties now. Not many places can say that. I personally still have a blast going in there and am happy that there is actually still somewhere that has not changed and truly brings me back to my past. I know personally many people who walk out of there smiling and if some pretentious fuck thinks this is too ratty for him stay away and leave it for the people that enjoy it for what it is. I talked with the owner last week when I was in there and he was explaining how they have someone come in once a week to maintain the games. Considering how damn old they were I was happy to see how good of shape they were in and most seemed to be in fine working order. There is more to the arcade experience than just shiny pretty new games;)
2006-10-18Gameland UpdateLooking-to-hire type Ad in the window requesting applications for game tech "with references". The games are in such terrible shape, I think they should take anyone who knows what a wire is. Place was closed when it should have been open (according to posted hours) on Tuesday. This place makes me physically ill to enter. It will be the last time I go there. Those "no refund" signs posted ever 2 feet are ridiculous.
2006-09-08StevieI cannot believe how bad this place is. I walked through the arcade and noticed a hobo in a dirty white T-shirt and unkempt hair. Needless to say, I found out it was a worker. The pinballs are lined up with 1/2 of them being unlit and out of order. Overall, they were in terrible shape. I tried playing Donkey Kong, then Robotron. Neither had sound and the controls were very loose. It wasn't fun. The arcade was poorly lit with no atmosphere to make up for this. It appeared as a damp, dark backroom of a seedy joint rather than a fun video arcade. I was very disappointed as I got my sights set high to play Joust only to find it out of order. I did enjoy a nice meal at a nearby restaurant and managed to get a waffle ice cream cone at another establishment just across the street so the trip wasn't a total loss. Hopefully someone buys this place and fixes it up!
2006-07-09Tom's ArcadeI live abou 1/2 hour away and stop in at Game Land a couple times each year since I've gotten into the hobby of collecting and restoring classic videos and pinballs. I stopped in today, Sunday 07-09 and I couldn't believe it, a service tech was working on High Speed, he had pulled out the cpu/driver board. Hopefully this will be a sign of positive things to come. For at least the past three years there have been paper towels stuffed in the two ramp entrances where you lock balls for muiltiball. The other pins were in sad shape as usual, Addams Family has probably 50% of the GI's out and a display problem, Pinbot had only the GI's on and did not boot yet they still leave it plugged in and turned on, Firepower was unplugged and out of order, Mousen Around is probably the best playable game they have but it is getting worse each time I visit, Have they ever heard of cleaning/ waxing the playfield? Black Knight was missing digits from the displays and locks up and resets while playing. Hopefully that service tech works on more than just High Speed.
2006-07-08RWMAre you two still arguing about this? From what I can tell, readers of this forum will determine that the people who post here need to get a life. If they live reasonably close to the area, they may visit Gameland to form their own opinions (of the arcade.)
2006-07-07GalagafanI really don't care about your opinion, Just_Pat. The fact is, 100 people can go to this crappy arcade and 99 will be ticked off that they got robbed because the games sucked. You are in the 1% who doesn't care about getting robbed, I suppose. I have common sense on my side, and I challenge anyone to go to this arcade and come back here with an opinion that people are bashing this place as unfounded. Sure, we can log onto here with a different name and fake some BS. But the truth is stronger than that and alot of people who drive more than 1 hr to this place are going to be angry. I warned them not to go while Just_pat lies to you. I know what the place is like, I wonder if this guy has even set foot in here. Just because they have classics doesn't make them outside the realm of just criticism!!!!
2006-06-30Just_PatStill going on about this... Tell ya what.. Don't play there! I've said this a million times, and I'll say it again. Stop whining! Why go there if all you are going to do is complain about it? Not having a good time, Enchanted Castle is around.. Play some NEWER arcade games (They might just fit the age you are going after).. Oh no! There's a Galaga tournament , and I need to get some practice... get real! If you wanna play games, and don't like this place, go somewhere else.. The business is STILL standing.. and all you do is complain.. GET OVER IT! The games work.. and they are old.. not much more you can do about it. Have fun, and play nice.. for those of you who are trying to work you on your playing skills, download the game, and go to your little bedroom, cry about what just happened in Star Wars, and go to bed.. Until next time..
2006-06-28DJDo they have any old EM games, in particular SEGA? Derek
2006-06-19The Infamous DBHello, I own a lakehouse in Lake Geneva and go to downtown Lake Geneva all the time. Let me just say this... The Gameland arcade has ALWAYS sucked. Bad. For years. From time to time I talk to the manager and offer to buy some games off him(very generous offers too, considering how bad the shape they are all in) but I guess hey just wants to wait until the very end. Which might happen soon. I used to go there every once in a while just to play Metal Slug 3. Now? Well, due to him not giving a crap about his games, it's busted. He doesn't care about his arcade, he doesn't care about quality... It's a mystery why he has been around for all these years.
2006-06-19GalagaFanHey DB, do you think the owner is oblivious to what goes on in there? (Some old guy sitting a lawn chair in Florida for the winter and in WI for a brief month or two in the summer...1/2 that being spent at the casinos?) Or is this guy just an arrogant, ignorant jerk? I'd love to wrest control of this place out the hands of the backwoods jerks that work there and put together a place I'd be proud to be in first...before letting customers in. That's how it should work...but this place is a disgrace. BTW, if you buy those games...look at the back of the cabinet. Their tech guy thought it was saavy to drill 200 holes in the back of many cabinets for better airflow. What a bunch of hacks they hire there!
2006-05-26WARNING! WARNING! GAMELAND STILL SUCKS!Update 5/26/06: Gameland is still a dump! ** Do not listen to the liars below because either they 1) Do not know anything about games or 2) Are employed and/or own Gameland arcade. The fact is this, the place is still a dump. They do not charge admission, however. That policy was probably dumped when their $5/day income went down to $0. Let me give you some info on Lake Geneva itself. It is a nice resorty type town of small shops and "trendy" places near a very deep spring-fed lake. Lots of foot traffic and many parking spaces which require quarters deposited into meters. 25c gets you 30 minutes. So I park down the street (the initial spots outside of the arcade were all taken) and walk to the video arcade. I'm the ONLY PERSON in the place, yet there are many people walking up and down the streets there. I'll cut em' slack as I went on an off-time...but at least I could get to the games I wanted. The person below mentioned games they played... they must not realize that controls are actually supposed to work when you use them: TRON: Spinner seemed better than the last time, not 100%...but closer...But the "fire" button made the light cycles sequence impossible to finish. Tron - 25 cents wasted. Next up: Joust. It appeared OK, until I dropped a coin into it and the screen reset and came up with a messed up screen with vertical lines missing in it. Cheyenne, the game immediately to the left of joust, was stuck on an error message screen. 25 cents wasted without a single play. Next up: Robotron. NO SOUND, very loose controls. I am guessing the last time someone conducted maintenance on the machine was 5 years ago. Last up: Asteroids. It played OK, no problems. Out of $1, 1 game worked, 1 didn't work at all, and 2 worked poorly. That's bad percentages. There were, at minimum, 10 "out of order" signs dispersed on games throughout the location. And Paperboy, which the person below said it played good, was horribly blurry-screened. The controls were loose as were most games with larger driver-styled controls. My god, all it takes is a screw driver most often to fix these things! Gameland is a dump, period. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE BELOW AS THEY ARE LYING TO YOU. DO NOT WASTE GAS MONEY TO GO HERE! I live close by enough and could pick up some nice fudge and ice cream from a local shop and drink down a beer at a bar next to the joint to make the trip (30 miles) worthwhile. I also drive a car that gets 40 MPG so it isn't too bad. If I came here from Chicago, I'd be ticked.
2006-05-25GalagaFanThe comments WERE founded, but it is possible that they finally got down to business and fixed some of their problems. If this is the case, as Mr. Burns would say, EXCELLENT. I'll find out...because I live close enough to find out if you are lying or not. That "admission" sign was on their as recent as ONE month ago. If it is still there, I'll take a digital photo of it. We'll see.... We will see.
2006-05-25GalagaFanIt is pretty obvious there are some heavy liars on this thread for Gameland. Perhaps they are the digruntled (and ugly) employee/owners of the place I see moping around everytime I go in there. They will never offer a friendly "hello" as they scurry off to avoid you. There is a woman who is always reading a book there. Nice pick for employees there, Gameland! I love it when she brings her little rugrats around and makes it look like some backwood Arkansas family reunion (Yes, just a trunk of a tree intertwined without any branches) instead of a video game arcade. Well, tonight is the end all of discussion over this as I will have a very indepth review over this dump.
2006-05-24GamerGalaga Fan & others: I went to Gameland tonight (5/25) and almost didn't because of all the negative reviews on this site. I went in expecting to pay an admission to play garbage, but found the opposite. I think the reviews on this site for Gameland are pretty unfounded. Only had time to play Tron, Paperboy, Track & Field and World Series, which all played just fine. About 90-95% of all games looked functional with bright monitors. And NO admission cost. If you're expecting museum-quality machines, then you'll be disappointed, but everything I saw looked to be in solid, playable shape. But I guess the prima donnas that rip this place probably need showroom-new machines to be satisfied. I'll happily spend hours there. My suggestion is see for yourself and make your own decision. I almost swore off this place because of some of your comments. I'm glad I didn't.
2006-05-23Just_PatSo with that said, you still went back there.. No matter how bad you like to put this place down, you went back. A place where you wanted to play track & field, but you didn't want to pay the price to get in.. (You still took the drive, and you still wanted to play at the same place you so call "terrible"). The comments you keep coming back with are not even close to what could be considered an argument. I wish you the best in your "Gameland" adventures, as I know you will be back again soon... (Not like you haven't been already) . Nice arguments though - keep up the good work !
2006-05-22TONIO_TIs anyone interested in seeing a music video of GAMELAND that I made with friends back in 1997 ??? Send a request for FREE dvds(with free shipping) to : I briefly visited Gameland some weeks ago. They had a lot of really neat old games that APPEARED to be functional. And to answer the question about TONIO_TV - It's a (not on air yet)cable access show that has a lot of skits, movie clips, music, etc.....including a music video of Gameland. Anyone interested in FREE copies(with FREE shipping) of the now-completed dvds of the show(includes Gameland music video), please send a request to Thanks.
2006-05-18GalagafanThe last time I "played" there was before they put a sign on the door saying "admission $X". I was going to just go in and play a game of Track & Field (one of the only WORKING games) and saw that sign...guess what I did? I LEFT NEVER TO RETURN AGAIN. I hope this place is gone the next time I go to Lake Geneva.
2006-05-17Just_PatHmm... How long has it been since you've been there? My point being - You still go there. The games are still being played. They might not be great, but none the less, they are still being played. I know there are other arcades out there that have the same, if not, similar games in much better condition ... and also the fact that you know each and every little deatil of what game does not work, shows that you STILL play the games there. I'm also not sure if you can tell the "tone" of my response below, partly because I wasn't speaking, but it was simply stated - not lashing out at anyone. Have fun!
2006-05-15GalagafanHmmm... I guess I said some kind of an insult directed at Pat, and it was deleted. I really don't remember what it was but it definitely was warranted. Why? Look at Pat's tone in his response. I wonder if he set foot in this place or is simply defending it by lashing out at anything he can. The place (Gameland) sucks, period. Pointing out that they are still here 6 months later doesn't change the fact that the place sucks. And I am not saying the place sucks just to be mean. I'd love nothing less than to go past there once a month and drop $10-20 into the classics they have. But, being in the condition they are in... it is just sad. But hey, they are making money so they don't need to do any they, Pat?
2006-05-15RWMI deleted Galagafan's last sentence on his otherwise excellent 5/12 post. I have never been to Gameland, but suspect I would be very disappointed if I went there. I have been to very good classic arcades around the country, with Funspot in NH, the Challenge Arcade in Reading, PA, and Castles 'n' Coasters in Phoenix coming readily to mind. I can't say that all the machines worked perfectly but generally they worked very well and obviously are managed by people who care about their games and their clientele. It is apparent by Galagafan's comments and Tony's comments that Gameland does not keep their games and clientele in the same regard, and that really is sad... As for my deleting of Galagafan's sentence, it involved a bit of namecalling of another forum poster, which really is not acceptable.
2006-05-12GalagaFanJust_Pat: Play Qix. Oh, you can't see one of the lines because the monitor is 1/2 dead. Play Donkey Kong: NO Sound. Play Robotron: NO Sound. Play Super Monaco GP: Steering Wheel Issues Play Tron: SPINNER JACKED UP and fire button is spotty. Play Centipede: Trackball is messed up. Having old games is great, but having old games in that condition isn't. And just because they are still around doesn't mean they are good. If they bought the building 30 years ago, it is probably paid off. They make money from the renters above it and a few people stop by and play the shoddy games only to be disappointed. If they had to throw down 1.5K a month for rent, they'd last 1/2 a year tops. This place WILL be gone soon enough. The owner will get out of the business and liquidate and move to a nice home along the lake, or down south where the weather is better. And Gameland will become the new Starbucks location that will make about 100X more a year. You are a nut if you think those games are in playable shape. They, and the place, is a disgrace to classic games. [Last sentence deleted as it contained an insult].
2006-05-08Just_PatI would have to say that all of you, really don't understand your own comments. I know you like to put the place down, and have your say, but the fact of the matter is, looking at the dates your comments were left, (People saying this place has 6 months left, it's going down.. blah blah blah).. well, What's still in that location? Think about it.. They are Obviously making SOME kind of money to keep the d*mn building where it is!
2006-05-08MarcusTobanWhat is Tonio TV?
2006-05-08TONIO_TI briefly visited gameland a few weeks ago. They had a lot of really neat old games that appeared to be functional. And to answer the question about TONIO_TV, it's a cable access show that has a lot of skits, movie clips, music, etc.....including a music video of gameland. Anyone interested in a free copy of the dvd of the show, please send a request to Thanks.
2006-05-01TONIO_TIs anyone interested in seeing a music video of GAMELAND that I made with friends in 1997 ? Send a request for a FREE dvd to :
2006-03-29GamerAre there ANY playable games here? Or is the place a complete waste of time?
2006-03-26lake geneva fanplace should be closed or sold to some one else its so bad its embarassing to all of us.
2006-02-12Tony P If they are charging to get in now that is the nail in the coffin. It will be sad to see the place finally go, but not unexpected seeing what has happened to it in my 5 years of going there.
2006-02-04GalagafanYou have to know this place to realize it isn't worth $1 much less whatever they are charging people to get into. Hell, it wasn't worth the $1 in tokens because 50% of the machines are messed up and do not play well. Centipede, Tron, and Robotron ...great games... should have "out of order" signs on them for their lousy controls. I bet a basic cleaning of the contacts would solve most of the problems, but they cannot do this. They are looking for someone to fix their games (they probably want to pay them in week old popcorn or something). The sad thing is, as the lake geneva local can probably agree with, is that this is in an AWESOME location right near the lake with heavy, heavy foot traffic all summer long. I think they USED to sell fudge and other crap out the side window, and they probably don't do much business now. It sucks. Hints to the owner: BUY A EFFIN' SLURPEE/ICEE MACHINE or offer sno-cones (shaved ice) in the summer. Sell FOUNTAIN SODAS out your front window along with a variety of other snacks that anyone walking around the beach might care to partake in. GET RID of your crappy games that are taking up space. The "cooler" with the stuffed animal "prizes" in them is terribly tacky and looks terrible. OPEN your bathroom to the public... you might get a sale or two for god's sake, from the walk in traffic. Install a low-water use urinal and toilet if you are worried about utility costs. A blow dryer for drying hands and buy your hand soap at the dollar store. Sell games that suck that will still make money to some buyer, but nobody plays (like that giant X-men game that takes up 2 spaces). Replace it with Gauntlet. I bet you will still have money left over from a move like this, and Gauntlet will get many plays more than X-Men ever will. Or how about this idea? SHUT YOUR DOORS AND SELL THE GAMES ON EBAY and get out of the business. You don't care about the games, you don't care about the people who go into your store (as your "GO TO HELL, NO REFUND" signs plastered all over make this very obvious). This place needs a "under new management" sign and people who hope to put an effort into these games and this will, in turn, start producing cash like you haven't seen in 10 years.
2006-01-29LAKE GENEVA RESIDENTHello, First off, let me be the first to say, as first and foremost... a 35 yr old GAME FAN and pinball player, I am VERY sorry that ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE, would have to now ahem... PAY? To get into this dive... what a joke. Those of you from chicagoland know of JUST GAMES, some were cleaner than others, the one we frequented could have had surgery done in the middle of the well layed out, well maintained atmostphere. This establishment is not even a goldmine being milked, it needs to be put out of business for lack of consideration to any and all that live here, visit here, and dare I say, PAY? TO GET IN? Cover charge for what.... you would think this place is a peep show establishment being the dank pit that it is. It's amazing it lasted this long, I moved up here more than 6 years ago and to my amazement, the hole hasn't filled with water yet, maybe this will be our lucky year. Again, as an LG resident, and avid game player, ( not the new console crapola ) but a quarter dumping spaz that just wanted another round of cabal, I am sorry that this place isn't a warehouse yet. Kudos and game on.
2006-01-29DanI think most of the places that have this many classic machines can hardly afford to stay afloat. I have to pay $5 in Tampa Bay to get into the nearest large arcade with classics, and I'm happy to pay it, since classic arcades are EXTREMELY RARE now, and sadly unpopular for the masses. The second closes large arcade with classic machines in Orlando costs $35, and they were hardly maintaining those machines last time I went. Please enjoy what's left. Apparently, it costs thousands to refurbish a fleet of classic machines and more (above the quarters) to maintain them. What we need are official hybrid machines that cost less to build and maintain. And, yes it pisses me off having to pay $35 per person to play poorly maintained machines. Trying to recapture the past is even more frustrating. Unfortunately, I think all our bitching does is close more arcades and remove more classics. Oh! by the way, a company name Excalibur is selling a cool handheld arcade version of Frogger with a joystick.
2005-12-24GalagaFanIt is sad when one HOPES this place goes under, but today I walked away from the front doors feeling this exact way. Posted on a sign: $2 adults, $1 children (Admission) Same crappy games, and now one has to pay to enter the dump. I would have to agree with the below post: this place has 6 months left to live. If you have money, get ready to buy these machines when they hit the market...but be ready, they'll all need work. What a potential goldmine this place is: Awesome location (street traffic galore) but owned by one ignorant SOB who knows nothing of how to run a business. They are suckering people out of $2 at the door so at least they get SOMETHING... I hope the owner of this establishment reads this and puts a closed sign on the door immediately: YOUR PLACE SUCKS and when a true classic game fan is telling you this, it is time for you to sell your crap and retire. If there is a forgiving God, perhaps he'll let you live out the rest of your days in peace instead of punish you for your misdeeds in the classic game world.
2005-12-15chaunceya place where arcades die. its a shame the owner does not care. i work in the arcade industry and know how easy it is to get parts and such to care for these machines. just a shame. i am giving this place 6 months to live - i actually cant believe it stil there... hell if the place was clean and the machines were tip top shape, i would pay .50- 1.00 just to relive the childhood experience.
2005-05-08GalagafanYes, this place is a dump and is not kept up. I wonder who the owner is and what the heck he does to let the place get out of hand like that... Very sad! This place has awesome potential (lots of visitors!) but it falls flat. Lots of classics, but many don't even have sound you can hear and the controls are busted. Tron is there, it works...kind of. The spinner is messed up and needs probably only a simple cleaning and one of the fire buttons goes in and out...a simple fix as well. There is a ms.pac-man clone that is "4 quarters!" Pathetic. The signs saying "no bathroom for public use" and "screw you, no refunds" are tacky. Like the message below, they cannot legally do this but they try to scare the average person into compliance knowing they won't be taken to court over 25c or a buck. Many small cabaret models in the front (most lacking sound) containing classics that could easily be sold off and replaced with full-sized models of the more popular titles... Donkey Kong? Pac-Man? Robotron? All great titles, but on a mini screen they lack alot. What a waste. I'd love to be able to get in there and partner up with the owner and make some changes for the better. That basketball game is a waste of space in there as well...nothing but junk metal taking up space you can put 3 classic machines in. Qix is faded (enemy disappears at times...kind of hard to play that way!), centipede is jacked up and worthless to control as well as many others. The gas pedal on the Pole Position cockpit is shot as well...maybe the shifter, too. Bad, bad junk that is not kept up.
2005-04-12Joseph LanuteWe used to vist this place in the 70's it was a blast back then, Last weekend I took my kids there, what a dump, dirty, worn out and unkept machines. I don't care how many signs he puts up that say "play at your own risk" when I put money in a machine, if it does not work I am entitled to a refund, Period. I had to threaten to call the police to get my refund. Sorry, he could do better, he chooses to just take your money.
2005-01-18Wayne U.The machines at this place are fixed to accept tokens instead of quarters now. Otherwise still like I've been going to for years.
2003-09-15JSAnyone who has a complaint about this place needs to chill! How many places are there where you can play Defender, Tron, Joust, Astroids and many others? Not that many. The fact that a few of the games don't work is part of the experience of going to an arcade like this. Yes, I was annoyed when Track and Field would not work, but the guy gave me my money back no problem and I played many other great games. To those of you who complain about Defender costing 50 cents - GET OVER IT! That is the only game there that I found that was more than a quarter, and I still considered myself lucky to be able to play it and eventually lose all my humans and have the planet explode! Is the extra quarter I had to pay going to effect my lifestyle? NO! But what is the cost of reliving classic memories of classic Defender? Priceless. By the way, don't miss the really old golf game. An actual marble ball comes out, and you control when to release it down a slope to try to get it into hole 1, then 2, then 3... You get 27 balls for 25 cents for a shot at getting par on nine holes. And people complain about an extra quarter for Defender.
2002-12-31Tony PMy last trip to gameland was disappointing... 4 of my first 5 game attempts resulted in eaten quarters, broken controls, or in one case no actual pinball popped up. Others worked fine, but what got me mad is that the person who was working there (I didn't know it at the momement) was near me and saw that it wasn't working or that it ate my quarter, and did NOTHING. He was too busy watching his friend play street fighter. This place has really gone down the tubes.
2002-12-30Brian FI visited GameLand on 12/30/02. Here's an update: 1. (for Dan) Double Dragon DOES work, but the screen is a green color. However, it is still playable -- all buttons and joysticks work (as of 12/30). 2. Some games are now set up to take only tokens, while others take quarters. Kind of annoying. 3. Some prices seemed to have gone up since my last visit (there are now more 50 cent games). 4. The following games were not working during my visit: Burgertime and Joust, coin slot on Jungle King still does not work. 5. They now have Neo-Geo with Metal Slug 3! Cool place to visit, but prepare to spend a little...
2002-11-20Dan MurphyDoes anyone know if Double Dragon is still there and in good working condition? I would be willing to drive over an hour to get there to just play that, but I would hate to get there and find it is no longer in working order- that has got to be one of the best games made- I wish I had $1300 laying around because I found an online store selling one! Please WB or email me at and let me know it's present status...
2002-07-29Justin C.Visited Gameland on 7-27, and was amazed to see that it was a true arcade straight out of the 80's. Almost all of the games are classics. For some reason, some of the normally cheap games cost 50 cents, but most cost only a quarter. Highly recommended.
2002-07-26Nick JohnsonWent to this place yesterday and it was pretty good. Couple of pointers though while I was there. 1. Burgertime and Championship Sprint weren't working and the coin box on Jungle King is broke. 2. Defender costs 50 cents to play which is unusual.
2002-05-28Tony PI was there on 5-26. Joust and Defender were both working fine. Asteroids was working, but the screen was faint. Burgertime, Missile Command, and Arkanoid were for sure not working.
2002-05-24richpopped in there today ... didnt have a chance to play anything but i did notice that burgertime and asteroids were both broke... this place is right next to lake geneva
2002-05-24chuckersThis is the place there old arcades go to die. Most classics do not work anymore and they are NOT kept up. NO starwars, no NARC, an no Operation Wolf anymore. Burgertime, joust and defender did not work. Its a shame. Its sad to see this place fall apart. thank god Tron worked - but its in real bad shape.
2002-03-13Tony PAddress is 120 Broad St.
2002-03-12BubbaWhat is the address? I cant find it!!!!
2001-06-26DudahI took lots of pictures which didn't turn out all that great, but I also took a video! Soon to be at Truly worth the drive! -Kev
2001-05-27BillDoes Gameland have a website?
2000-07-05Tony P.This place is GREAT for the classic deprived midwest! Lots of games, many caberats (sp?) which is unusual. Most of the arcade is classics, and most work fine. They had some photocopies up of classic game articles and the Funspot tourney, so it seems they really care about having them.

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