Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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Location games last seen on:2005-09
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2005-09-25Tony P This place has been closed for a few months. Last I heard the owner was considering starting a new venture that may incorportate the games at a later time. I'll leave this place up for a while due to the comments.
2005-09-23TeefThat was (I think) their original location before they moved onto the campus. I did get an email back from the proprietor who said they are currently closed but plan to reopen sometime soon.
2005-09-22SeanGoogle maps now lists the location of this arcade as 1311 Northport Dr, Madison. I haven't been out there yet, but it may still exist...
2005-09-17TeefFound a Google cache at (assuming that link will work) which indicates that Aftershock and Ping-Time are definitely closed, with various theories as to why.
2005-09-16TeefSeems to have vanished. Nothing at 506 State Street and our hotel clerk is thinking that 916 Williamson sounds suspiciously like the location of her friend's new coffee shop... I sent an email to aftershockgames at and will post if I get anything back.
2005-03-06Tony PThe phone number may be from a previous location? I haven't hear that it is close or has moved again.
2005-02-21ToddIs I was wondering if this place was still open tried calling but got nothing.
2004-09-02Chris FreibergVisited again 9/1 - Asteroids is fixed, great! But "Reverse" on Defender was broken, bummer. Lot of dead machines around for some reason, but still many good classics to play on. Hope that the arcade can stay afloat with the new location and hourly rates.
2004-03-30Chris FreibergJust there today-- nice place, nice selection of games. I'm glad that there's an arcade of the non-adult variety on State St. again, and I hope business is good enough to keep them going for a long time. Iíll definitely be coming back.
2004-03-30Chris FreibergQuibbles: Asteroids desperately needs new buttons-- monitor looks great, but I quickly gave up playing since the controls were so sticky and unresponsive. And no sound on The Empire Strikes Back? Upside: Tempest, Sinistar, and Missile Command play great.
2003-12-05Aftershock RetrogamesAdded a Sinistar, and a Twilight Zone pinball machine. Picking up a Discs of Tron this weekend (12-6-03).
2003-07-02Brad Van KauwenberghUpdate: The games have been running for a couple of months now. Since then we've been working on the atmosphere to try and make it feel more like a classic arcade. Just finished up with re-modeling and lighting, and it looks pretty nice in here! So far, so good. Come check it out!
2003-04-11Aftershock RetrogamesAfter over two and a half years on the Northside of Madison, Aftershock Retrogames is finally moving to a better location! The new location is right on the UW campus, at 506 State St. We are in the process of moving right now (as of 4-11-03), but everything should be in place by the end of the month. We're updating the website soon, and adding even more new (old) machines! The most recent pinball games are Tales From the Crypt, Taxi, and Pin-Bot. As for the video games we've added Missle Command, and Dragon's Lair. Check for the updates, and I'll make sure to post here again once everything is ready. Thanks to everyone for their support!
2003-03-02LeeI guess I'm lucky to live so close to this retro arcade. I've been a regular customer for about two months now, re-living all those great memories. Friendly arcade with awesome games. Rock on!
2002-10-11Aftershock RetrogamesWe have added more games! Tony stopped by recently,so we should get an updated list posted pretty soon. Some recent additions include a Black Knight 2000 (pinball) Defender, Spy Hunter, and Frogger. Q Bert, and Zaxxon are on the way!
2002-09-19MAD MIKE (PAST ZAXXON KING OF 1984)This is the place for going back into your past. The dude that ownes it it so layed back that I thought I was smokin pot again and walking into one of the 9 arcades that Madison, WI had in the early 80's. Most of the games are in fine condition, the TRON and PENGO are in great shape but they are missing a GORF and a ZAXXON. Well I guess we can't have it all since he has 40 + games now . All the games are still .25 each like they used to be. Not much on pinball but loaded with the old school good stuff VG's. He also has an extensive used vg section that always brings back the ATARI and NINTENDO memories. Check this place out and keep him in business!!! This place is worth a 300 mile trip any day. MAD MIKE
2002-07-26Chris Del ReoDefinitely a place to stop for any classic gamer. It was a true slice of heaven. The people there were great and the games were well worth the travel to play.
2002-07-15cpSome cool games, only lacks Defender!!! Nice guy running the place. I feel young again.
2001-03-05NewtimThis place is out of a dream. So many good games. Not overpriced like Mall Arcades. All the games you loved to play when you were a kid! Even import Japaneese games. Strider 2, RocketMan 1,2. And the Manager is a cool guy. What else do you want? Check this place out!
2001-02-23Pete BAny classic gaming fan no matter your stripe (they sell consoles and the like as well) really needs to visit and support this place. A very impressive selection and run quite well.
2001-02-13Tony P Great place, run by a collector!
2001-01-29Tom SeversonThis arcade is great. Anyone in the Madison area should check it out. Lets just hope they can get Elevator Action and Discs of Tron as well. But you should go and support this place so it will stay here forever!
2000-12-09Brad Van KauwenberghAn arcade dedicated to the preservation of classic gaming. Many more classics on the way!

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