Arcade (By Chalet Theater & Mini Golf)

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USA
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Location games last seen on:2000-08
Last change to this page:2000-07

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Donkey KongMs. Pac-ManPac-Man PlusSpace Invaders Deluxe

Comments on This Location
2006-01-19Wisc. Dells CitizenThat Cinema closed down years ago, and the Cheese Chalet was completely remodelled after they had a fire in the honkey-tonk bar area. The Mini Golf course has been ripped out and replaced with a miniture-town styled mini-mall. I'm pretty sure this place doesn't exist anymore. Sorry guys. You might try the arcade in the Kalahari Resort. I think it still has Galaga and Primal Rage. The new McDonalds across from the Lower Dells Boat Tours also had a Galaga the last time I was in there. Moose Jaw has a combo Galaga/Pacman machine in their downstairs bar, but it was kind of beat up the last time I saw it.
2000-07-04Tony P.This is in the back of an area with a mini golf course a sign for Chalet Theater on the street. It's in a very small theater that has been converted to a game room. There are only a few games, but they are great... a perfectly working Donkey Kong! Best selection I've seen in the Dells for classics.

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