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Robot city arcade
New York
This place was amazing! The new Wizard of Oz pinball game is probably the best I have ever played! They also have Maverick and Twilight Zone in pinball. They have quite a few classic games such as Frogger, Ms. Pac-Mac, Tron, The Simpsons, TMNT, Mappy, and many more. They also have a TON of used video games and accessories for sale going all the way back to Atari. Check it out!!!-Christopher Lapp
Ocean City
New Jersey
Me and my little cousin messed around with a coin operated ride there 3 weeks ago. LOL!!!-Olympianbabe
Crab Towne USA
Glen Burnie
Still going strong. Some machines are in need of repair, mostly the pinball games. I was told this was because the technician was on vacation and would be back soon. Quite a few great games, The food is good. The staff was very friendly and ready to dish out quarters and some great food. I had a lot of fun and will go back soon!-Gabriel
Video Zone
I am the owner of Video Zone and we are still in business. I have owned it 10 years and it has been in this location for 20 years! We have over 50 games! Come by and see us for a Classic Video Game experience.-Bryant
Garibaldi's Pizza
City is wrong, the address is Hoffman Estates.-Dan
Surfside Arcade
Rehoboth Beach
Is the Bally Champion horse still there as of 7-11-14??? I might go to Rehoboth this summer, and I really want to ride that horse. :)-Olympianbabe
Brunswick Zone
Carol Stream
Used to ditch class to go play street fighter 3rd strike there, great arcade, remember playing Rampage there when I was a little kid, and getting my ass handed to me in street fighter 2 when it came out.-Michael
Palace Playland
Old Orchard Beach
i love the games!-caleb
Palace Playland
Old Orchard Beach
i like galaga wheel of fotune dance dance reloutuin -caleb
The FunWay Cafe
these are my favriot games-caleb
Galaxy Gaming
New Hampshire
Closed down a couple years ago.-David Demers
Sanford House of Pizza & Roast Beed
Has been gone for a couple years.-David Demers
Barnacle Bills
Ortley Beach
New Jersey
The best place I have ever had the honor to work and play. It was something I looked forward to every summer. Brings back a lot of great memories. -Keith ONeill
Barnacle Bills
Ortley Beach
New Jersey
The best place I have ever had the honor to work and play. It was something I looked forward to every summer. Brings back a lot of great memories. -Keith ONeill
Video Round-Up
I remember when this place opened! We started going to VR after Space Alley closed and was turned into the Alley Cat Pub. Anyone remember Space Alley at the Civic Center? It was right by the original location for Sidewalk Surfer!-Brett Howard
Golf & Games
Sterling Heights
This is the same place that was in Warren, not Sterling Heights, on Van Dyke near 14 Mile Rd. In its heyday (80s and 90s), I remember as a small kid the variety of games it had, and actually held it as the higher standard for an awesome arcade place. When I decided to check it out in early Fall 2012, just to see how things have changed after being there once in 1997 and then one small time in 2007. Whoa! It looked so shabby, dirty, and poorly maintained; the concrete parking lot was crumbling (you can even see this on Google Maps), the golfing area was overrun with weeds, and I dared to check out the interior of the building. It was still opened, but 2/3 of the games (video games and pinball machines) were all gone and they were all selling the remaining in an "As Is" condition with most being in good-to-fair condition, but clearly taken a beating. The around 20 people who were there (on a weekday afternoon) seemed despondent over the place of whatever nostalgia they could get out of the place, it was a former saddening, dilapidated shell of its place and I walked out of there as quickly as I came in after seeing the place. I understand that times have changed and that arcade games are not as profitable anymore, but the place could have been reinvented similar to Dave and Buster. Oh well, a shame. If any of you do dare to venture there, and if it still exists, the property is being sold off to Menard, brace yourself, even if you have not been there since the late 2000s. The facility should be placed out of its misery because its so bleak and poorly maintained.-An Old Customer

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