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Retro Cade
Seaside heights
New Jersey
Sad to report that it looks closed. Last four bays of that Boardwalk building were closed and all the overhead signage was gone. Tripadvisor review as recent as 6/4/16 but on 7/23 appears closed. -Danspartan
Palace Playland
Old Orchard Beach
Sadly, none of these games are here currently.-Jeff
The Place Retro Arcade
Sadly, The Place Retro Arcade is now closed (May, 2016)-Jeff
Video Round-Up
..had my first cigarette (clove) sitting against the building, with amy, only two feet from the door. loved this place! moved to oregon, then idaho, came back in 2013 and drove around forever looking for it. R.I.P. Plaza 777-timothy frahm
Dave And Busters
Please bring Dave & Busters to Memphis Tennessee-Demarcus Pack

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