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Boardwalk (Neptune's Kingdom)
Santa Cruz
In June 1997, I went to this arcade and played air hockey. 20 years later, on September 24, 2017 I revisited it. They still have the EXACT SAME air hockey tables that I played with when I was little.-Olympianbabe
Mrs. Boomer's
I believe this place is closed.-Alan Howell
Boardwalk USA
Colorado Springs
I posted more info on Boardwalk USA and Nickels & Dimes arcades on my blog, including my recollection of how the unlimited play concept and card system got started.-Artie
Santa Monica Pier Playland
Santa Monica
Seen in October 2017: this location now has a (redundant) Class of 1981 Galaga/Ms. Pac-Man machine (in addition to two Galaga machines and two Ms. Pac-Man machines).-R.T.
Playboy Mansion
Holmby Hills
I met Hefner in 1985 at the Ambassador Hotel in Chicago on his reunion tour strong handshake and he remembered the gift I sent him, very cool!-Karl
Boardwalk USA
Colorado Springs
I managed these places and helped build most of them. John Dorrough, who died a few years ago, was the mastermind of all of them, Nickles & Dimes, The Boardwalk, Boardwalk USA and Nickle A Play. Most of them were in Colorado Springs but from 1991 until about 1996 there were some Boardwalk USAs in the Denver area. The first and best was at Havana & Yale in Aurora, there was a small one in Lakewood in the center with Casa Bonita and one on South Broadway in Littleton. I was hired in 1983 to manage one small Nickels & Dimes at Galley & Circle, behind the 7-11. The unlimited play concept started when my friend Larry Frost, a local TV executive wanted to set up a car dealership with video games set on free play. I made a deal to take him a set of abut a dozen games, including 2 Super Mario Brothers, which were absolutely new and caused a sensation among local players. Therefor I can peg the year as 1986.-Artie

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