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Golf & Games
Sterling Heights
The place that I wrote about earlier has been torn down and is currently (as of September 2014) in the midst of building a Menard building there.-An Old Customer
Robot city arcade
New York
This place was amazing! The new Wizard of Oz pinball game is probably the best I have ever played! They also have Maverick and Twilight Zone in pinball. They have quite a few classic games such as Frogger, Ms. Pac-Mac, Tron, The Simpsons, TMNT, Mappy, and many more. They also have a TON of used video games and accessories for sale going all the way back to Atari. Check it out!!!-Christopher Lapp
Ocean City
New Jersey
Me and my little cousin messed around with a coin operated ride there 3 weeks ago. LOL!!!-Olympianbabe
Crab Towne USA
Glen Burnie
Still going strong. Some machines are in need of repair, mostly the pinball games. I was told this was because the technician was on vacation and would be back soon. Quite a few great games, The food is good. The staff was very friendly and ready to dish out quarters and some great food. I had a lot of fun and will go back soon!-Gabriel
Video Zone
I am the owner of Video Zone and we are still in business. I have owned it 10 years and it has been in this location for 20 years! We have over 50 games! Come by and see us for a Classic Video Game experience.-Bryant

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