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St. Louis City Museum
St. Louis
This place has a large row of pinball machines as well-Donkey kong
Sassony Arcade
Los Angeles
Hyperspace Arcade
ea i remember going here, in 2014 I was with some friends and they smoked a Bowl in the parking lot and went in and we paid the $3.00 to get in, at that time it was BYOB "bring your OWN BEER" and we brought in some wine coolers and did some shots of tequila on a cocktail Ms. pacman in the corner. This place was UNDERGROUND, and was only open on Fridays and Saturday nights to avoid contact with the Lakewood city licensing and code enforcement, which at the time was MANDATORY and they had NO BUSINESS LICENSE stated on file with City of Lakewood Nor any posted AUTHORIZED business documents on premises or on the wall as stated by LAW. I looked for these items since i was makin the drinks and it was kinda shady situation...:) FACT: On 06/13/2014 HYPERVSPACE BARCADE had NO operating license on File with the City Of Lakewood to be open to the Public and was illegal and BYOB. They had 1 Small dumpy room with the same old games everyone has at the local laundry mats, but this place had music. Not Really Sure what kind of music to Label it, but i couldnt think straight ( & it wasnt the 420 ) and i couldnt even hear the games playing, which really is the best part of going to an arcade. Did put the high on a tempest conversion lol Major Havoc and we were told by Vampyra that we were welcome back ANYTIME.... Not goin though. And i wouldnt suggest bringing small children at ANYTIME! READ THE LATEST!!! >>>>>Here is the Latest review of the DENVER BAR CADES 1up and HYPERvSPACE:
Boardwalk USA
Colorado Springs
Nickels and dimes was the spot in the golden age of arcades early to mid 80s I think it was on filmore or prospect in CoSp. I remember boardwalk in the late 80s on friday night they would have parties where you paid one price and had unlimited games-Rick
Crab Towne USA
Glen Burnie
Update to my 2002 post: Crab Towne is still up and running and has a ton of games. -Tim Stone
The Place Retro Arcade
Was an awesome place with some great machines. Hated to see it go.-Michal C
Nickel World
man this place has gone downhill. Half the free games in the back do not work. Needs a lot of renovating -joe

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